Photoshop Effect Tutorial


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How you can apply all kinds of cool special effects with Adobe Photoshop and transform the appearance of photographs.

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Photoshop Effect Tutorial

  1. 1. Photoshop Effect TutorialBy David Petershttp://www.learnphotoshopnow.comLearn how to quickly and easily master the basics of photoshop in just 2 hours andproduce graphics like a pro... your friends and family will be amazed!Easily Change the Appearance of any Photo in PhotoshopWith Adobe Photoshop you can apply all kinds of cool special effects and transformthe appearance of photographs,The following are just a few of the special effects you can do in Photoshop.Black and WhiteEveryone loves black and white photography. In the past you had to use separate film ifyou wanted black and white images. In digital photography all images are typicallyphotographed in color and the converted to black and white on the computer. Thismeans that you can experiment by turning your photos to black and white.Sepia ToneTransform your photos into works of art using sepia coloring.Color/Black and White MixMixing black and white with color has become a popular effect among wedding andartistic photographers. Typically, most of the image will be black and white while onlycertain objects in the image are in color. This can create a striking effect. You caneasily learn this technique in Photoshop and amaze your family and friends with yourphoto creations.Drop ShadowsThis is an excellent effect to use on text, logos, and graphic art.Watermark
  2. 2. It is easy with Photoshop to create a custom watermark on your photos.Soft FocusSoft focus is a popular effect used by professional photographers for years to enhanceportraiture.Blur the BackgroundPictures of people and other objects will really stand out when the background isblurry. Photoshop allows you to only blur certain areas of the image while leavingother areas in perfect focus.FrameThere are unlimited ways you can put frames around your photos in Photoshop.VignetteVignette is a popular effect that involves a soft fade, usually in oval shape, where thephotograph is light in center and fades gradually into the background where it getsdarker.Vibrant ColorBy adjusting the saturation you can turn an otherwise dull photograph into amasterpiece of vibrant color. You can even work with particular color channels whileleaving others alone.As you learn Photoshop and start experimenting with adding special effects to yourphotos you will learn many more techniques as well as different ways to achieve thesame effects.
  3. 3. Author David Peters: Master The Basics Of Adobe Photoshop In Under 2 Hours WithEasy To Follow Instantly Accessible Online Video Tutorials.Full Details Here: