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Photoshop background tutorial - How to remove background



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Find out how to remove the background from an
image in Photoshop the easy way.

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Photoshop background tutorial - How to remove background

  1. 1. Photoshop Background Tutorial - How to Remove Background In case you have ever done any image editing in Photoshop, you know that among the most difficult things to do is to take an image outside its existing background. I use an easy approach to get this done, which is also very accurate in obtaining only the image that you would want to use. Here are the steps to utilize to remove the background from an image in Photoshop. The first thing that you need to do is to open the image whose background you desire to remove. Then choose the Magic Wand Tool from the Tools box. The Magic Wand Tool is a very good tool for getting the image you are attempting to select roughed out. This tool will select a section of an image according to the color of the image. Do not concern yourself with getting everything precisely right by using tool, but you want get a rough selection of the image you making the effort to remove from the background. You need to click on the image to make the first selection, and then hold down the shift key while clicking to carry on adding selections, until you have the whole image that you desire to remove selected. At this time you will likely observe that not all the image has been selected, or that the selection is not really clean looking. To correct this, Photoshop includes a very convenient built-in tool to help clean up your selection. Photoshop Video Tutorials Learn how to quickly and easily master the basics of photoshop in just 2 hours and produce graphics like a pro... your friends and family will be amazed!
  2. 2. Right beneath the color selection location in the Tools box are two small icons that appear like cameras. The one on the right is Edit in Quick Mask Mode, click on this one and anything you might have not selected will turn red. Then you should utilize the eraser tool to include in your selection, and the paint brush tool to take out from your selection. After applying these tools to clean up your selection, select the Edit in Standard Mode button to check out your finished selection. Then you can click on Edit, Copy and then click on File, New to open a new image. Photoshop will look at the image that you have copied on the clipboard, and sizing the new image to the identical size as the image copied. Then paste your copied image to the new image, and you may have your removed image that has a transparent background.   Author David Peters: Master The Basics Of Adobe Photoshop In Under 2 Hours With Easy To Follow Instantly Accessible Online Video Tutorials.