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Are you aware of the gap?


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Organizations rely on IT for business-critical content, collaboration and process management. Meanwhile IT departments and/or providers seem not aware how critical their services are for the organization. At least this is what the business side claims. This misunderstanding is the gap in between business and IT that has to be bridged to make organizations succeed. It is critical to define the governance of service delivery, end-to-end, from the identification of a business need to the development, deployment, and maintenance of a service.

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Are you aware of the gap?

  1. 1. Are you aware of the gap? Peter Horsten Co-founder/MD Goyello @PetersOpinion
  2. 2. I’m a Dutch guy who fell in love with Poland and …
  3. 3. And we launched an awesome software company
  4. 4. We all recognize this situation …..
  5. 5. Realizing a solution with a lot of enthousiasm is not enough
  6. 6. Probably it is just due to how business people think “…a bunch of nerds…” “…they can only communicate in techno babble….”
  7. 7. Or how we IT people treat clients?
  8. 8. Please remind me In case I forget …
  9. 9. IT doesn’t matter
  10. 10. IT doesn’t matter Business matters
  11. 11. Objectives Value Risk
  12. 12. IT matters Objectives Value RiskValue Risk
  13. 13. Dare to ask questions!
  14. 14. • What do we want to do? • What should we do? • How can we do it? • What did we do? • Are we doing it? • What have we done? 6 main questions for optimal governance
  15. 15. We need to find the balance
  16. 16. Business with IT can succeed!
  17. 17. Thanks for your attention @PetersOpinion peterhorsten
  18. 18. • Content very much inspired by Dan Holme, share-point-service-delivery Pictures: • Gdansk, Ul. Długa, Peter Horsten • How the customer explained it (sorry, real source unknown) • Mind the gap,, • Solution – Problem, • Business with IT can succeed, Credits