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PhoneGap Day US 2013 - Chrome Packaged Apps


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Join Joe Marini, Developer Advocate, for an overview of Chrome Packaged apps.

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PhoneGap Day US 2013 - Chrome Packaged Apps

  1. 1. Developers
  2. 2. Chrome Packaged Apps and PhoneGap
  3. 3. About Me Joe Marini Developer Advocate - Google Chrome @joemarini
  4. 4. Why build a packaged app?
  5. 5. Web Apps are Great!
  6. 6. ... Until they're not!
  7. 7. Web Games are Great!
  8. 8. ... Until they're not!
  9. 9. Why build a packaged app? Packaged Apps run offline by default Access to platform capabilities and hardware Rich, immersive user experience Distribution and updates via the Chrome Web Store
  10. 10. From Web App to Packaged App
  11. 11. Infrastructure Packaged App Structure HTML .CSS .JS manifest.json main.js background.html Other Assets < /> App Content