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PhoneCom2011 panel - Guanling Chen


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Panel slides from Prof. Guanling Chen, University of Massachusetts-Lowell on user interface for phone computing

Published in: Technology, Design
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PhoneCom2011 panel - Guanling Chen

  1. 1. Usability Challenges for PhoneCom Guanling ChenUniversity of Massachusetts Lowell
  2. 2. Mobile Usability Testing 8
  3. 3. Android UI Framework Dialog Button Widget (View Class) AdapterView (ViewGroup) Menu 9
  4. 4. Recorded EventsRecorded  Android  UI  Events  are  summarized  in  the  following  table,  classified  by  their  adhering  window   Unhandled Area 10
  5. 5. State Machine ModelExpert  State  Machine:  Expert  States  and  Transi3ons:   11
  6. 6. Traffic Flow ChartUser  Traffic  Flow  Chart:   Incoming  flow   Outgoing  flow   Flow  to  Mistake   States   Backtracking   flow  Mistake  States  and  Transi3ons:   12
  7. 7. Reported MetricsSigns  for  poten3al  usability  problems:  -­‐ Too  many  backtracking  -­‐ Par0cipants  cannot  complete  one  step  -­‐ Low  correct  flow  ra0o   13
  8. 8. EvaluationUsability  Problems  idenFfied  by  Event  Logging  Tool:   *  Numbers  in  parenthesis  are  problems  idenFfied  by  Laboratory-­‐ based  Usability  tesFng  method:   -­‐  Good  at  iden3fying  cri3cal  (major  and  catastrophe)   usability  problems.   -­‐  Not  good  at  iden3fying  cosme3c  usability  problems.   14
  9. 9. Challenges•  More precise analysis model with semantics•  Integration with context•  Inspection before deployment 15