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How to migrate away from FeedBurner - the steps you need to take, insight as to how difficult it might potentially be, and more. Given as a webcast on July 17, 2013, these slides a re great summary of FeedBlitz's "FeedBurner Migration Manual" (available from http://www.feedblitz.com/the-feedburner-migration-guide/), as well as the recording of the webcast itself.

Whether you're interested in dumping FeedBurner for RSS alone, or for both RSS and email, this is a great way to start your research to see what's involved and what the traps for the unwary are.

The slides also include a special page on iTunes, so podcasters leaving FeedBurner don't accidentally lose their iTunes audience.

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Feedburner Migration Slides

  1. 1. FeedBurner Migration A Step-by-Step Guide to Safeguarding Your RSS and Email Subscribers Powered by FeedBlitz Hashtag for webinar: #FeedBlitz Phil Hollows @phollows Heather Solos @heathersolos Sales & Support @feedblitz
  2. 2. Safeguard Your Readership • You need to control your subscribers. – Good www.example.com/feed feeds.example.com/example – Bad feeds.feedburner.com/example feeds.feedblitz.com/example • FeedBlitz can still serve your feed… – But you want your RSS subscribers to be subscribing to your feed URL on your domain.
  3. 3. How FeedBlitz Saves Your RSS • Switch with FeedBlitz, and your RSS audience will be fully under your control. • To help you be successful, FeedBlitz has: – Unique product features. – Expert technical support. – Unparalleled experience. – We’ve done this thousands of times before. – A comprehensive migration manual. – This webcast! • P.S. You can do this even if you don’t use FeedBlitz for your blog’s email subscriptions (but let’s talk!)
  4. 4. Before You Start • Do not delete your FeedBurner feed. • Do not resubmit your podcast to iTunes. • Do recover your FeedBurner login credentials if you can. • Do (temporarily) disable two factor authentication on your Google account. • Do have admin access to your blog’s dashboard and feed settings.
  5. 5. How Hard Will it Be to Leave FeedBurner? • RSS Feed Migration Difficulty • FeedBurner Email Subscriber Difficulty FeedBurner URL on Site Redirection Used RSS Subscriber Loss Risk No No None No Yes Very Low In places No Low to Medium In places Yes Low to Medium Exclusively Greatest risk, slowest process FeedBurner Login Email Subscriber Loss Yes Easy. Minimal Loss No Hard: All must resubscribe
  6. 6. Four Steps to FeedBurner Freedom 1. Set up your feed at FeedBlitz. 2. Integrate with your web site. 3. Migrate remaining FeedBurner RSS readers. 4. Delete your FeedBurner RSS feed. Let’s see how this works for a real blog.
  7. 7. Step One Set Up FeedBlitz 1. Create your FeedBlitz account and log in. 2. Tell FeedBlitz about your FeedBurner account. 3. Pick the FeedBurner RSS feed to migrate. 4. Review the FeedBlitz import. 5. Follow the online integration steps. 6. Set up FeedBlitz email delivery. At this point you’re ready to switch your site over from FeedBurner.
  8. 8. iTunes and Podcasts • The iTunes store is just another (very, very fussy) RSS reader. • Validate your FeedBlitz podcast in your personal iTunes. 1. Launch your personal copy of iTunes. 2. Click File >> Subscribe to Podcast... 3. Enter your FeedBlitz RSS feed URL. 4. Check all the episodes, artwork etc. download OK. • Then set up the iTunes redirect field in FeedBlitz AutoCast. • Then proceed to the next step for site integration. Do NOT resubmit your podcast to iTunes
  9. 9. Step Two Update Your Site to Use FeedBlitz 1. Change your RSS feed redirection. 2. Confirm the process has worked. 3. Disable FeedBurner’s email services. 4. Update your site’s email subscription form. 5. Implement, test with the integration tips. You now control new subscribers. Any subscribers still on FeedBurner are now getting the FeedBlitz version of your feed.
  10. 10. Step Three Migrate Remaining RSS Subscribers Problem: RSS readers subscribed directly to your FeedBurner URL. Options • Use FeedBlitz’s unique migration message to move RSS readers. • Leave the FeedBurner feed running, as-is. • Delete the FeedBurner feed. Recommendation • Set up the FeedBurner Migration Message. • FeedBlitz will then tell anyone left on FeedBurner to resubscribe. Congratulations! You have reclaimed your RSS feed. Engaged RSS readers will migrate over time. The more you post, the faster this will be.
  11. 11. Step Four Delete the FeedBurner Feed • Should you keep your FeedBurner feed? – Why you might want to delete it. – Why you might NOT want to! • How to do it right. • Did you delete your FeedBurner feed too soon?! • Troubleshooting your migration.
  12. 12. Questions? If you have any specific questions about migration, please email FeedBlitz tech support at support@FeedBlitz.com Download the FeedBurner Migration Manual from http://www.feedblitz.com/the-FeedBurner-migration-guide/ ?
  13. 13. Thanks for joining us! • Phil Hollows • CEO & Founder, FeedBlitz • phil@FeedBlitz.com • Heather Solos • Community Manager, FeedBlitz • heather@FeedBlitz.com Get the FeedBurner Migration Guide: feedblitz.com/the-feedburner-migration-guide/