Email marketing monetizationn and mobile webcast


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Use your email list to make more money! That's both the promise and the deliverables in this session. Learn how industry-leading sites use email, why your list is more relevant than ever, and how to grow that list to meet your marketing goals. You'll walk away with ideas you can implement immediately to quickly make a difference.

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Email marketing monetizationn and mobile webcast

  1. 1. Email Marketing, Monetization and Mobile Phil Hollows, CEO, FeedBlitz @phollows @FeedBlitz @PHOLLOWS
  2. 2. Why Care About Email Marketing? “I get ten times more response to my blog from my email subscribers than I do from anyone else.” Seth Godin
  3. 3. The Scale of Email (source: LiveIntent) 2.9 billion THE SCALE OF EMAIL 900 million 463 million 300 million Total Accounts Daily Activity Facebook 60 million updates Twitter EMAIL Websites 140 million tweets 90 million Google+ 1 billion items shared 3.3 billion searches 47 billion pageviews 188 billion messages
  4. 4. FIVE Keys to MASSIVE List Growth 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Above the fold. Social Proof. Meaningful incentives. Respectful popups. Don’t get complacent: Test! – Call to action text. – Form location. – Graphic elements.
  5. 5. Email Drives Traffic • The web is an engaging platform! • More traffic means more $$. • Target an open rate of 20% • Summary feeds can lose formatting, links, images. • Mobile-friendly.
  6. 6. Affiliate Programs and Links • Use static affiliate links. • Make sure your email service is affiliate friendly. • If you use summary content, do your links and images disappear?
  7. 7. Ads and Sponsorships Specialty email ad network No direct selling required. Ads need volume, frequency. Sponsorships have better CPMs Add to the template. Send dedicated blasts.
  8. 8. Digital Product Promotions • Promote new items. • Give subscribers a jump start on offers. • Use every mailing to promote products, programs. • Coupons, deals, affiliate links.
  9. 9. Events and Promotions • Mail to create initial interest. • Mail when milestones are passed. • Send reminders: People procrastinate! • Mail just before your deadline. • True Story…
  10. 10. Transactional Mailings & Landing Pages • Transactional mailings – 80%+ opened – You can sell, market. – Promotion can’t overwhelm transaction data. • Landing pages – Deliver incentives, promote action.
  11. 11. Mobile, Mobile, Mobile! 30%+ of opens are mobile. iPad engagement is very high. Display challenges: Legibility without pinch/zoom? Are links easily clicked, ads clear? #TypeACon
  12. 12. Email Without Responsive Design “Desktop” email on the phone
  13. 13. Email With Responsive Design Same email, responsive layout – Legible, effective.
  14. 14. Questions? ?
  15. 15. Thank You! • Would love to hear from you! – – @phollows – – @FeedBlitz