7 deadly sins of List Building - FeedBlitz - New Media Expo


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Phil Hollows' slides on the seven deadly sins of List Building from #NMX January 2013 in Las Vegas.

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7 deadly sins of List Building - FeedBlitz - New Media Expo

  1. 1. The Seven Deadly Sins of List Building Phil Hollows Founder and CEO FeedBlitz www.feedblitz.com @phollows
  2. 2. About Phil Hollows• Founder and CEO of FeedBlitz• Author of “List Building for Bloggers” – ListBuildingForBloggers.com• Clients include: Seth Godin, Fred Wilson, Jay Baer, Brian Clark, Danny Brown, Krazy Coupon Lady, Cecily Kellogg and over 70,000 others!• phil@feedblitz.com• @phollows
  3. 3. Why Care About Your List?“I get ten times moreresponse to my blogfrom my emailsubscribersthan I do from anyoneelse.” Seth Godin
  4. 4. You’re An Accidental Email Marketer!
  5. 5. The Seven Deadly Sins• Wrath • Committing these sins• Greed will:• – Affect your list Sloth – Affect your• Pride deliverability• Lust – Lose you visitors• Envy – Cost you money• Gluttony
  6. 6. Wrath
  7. 7. Wrath• Unsubscribes• Sending Limits• Deliverability Issues• Anger make you unavailable, unable to listen• It taps into core fight / flight system
  8. 8. Virtue: Patience• Listen to the unsubscribes• Respect limits or change how you send• Manage your deliverability: – Authentication: SPF, Sender ID, DKIM – IP and domain reputation – Tracking: SenderScore.org• Action: Dual opt-in, best practices
  9. 9. Greed
  10. 10. Greed• Take, Take, Take• Send, Send, Send• “20% off, free shipping”• Recipients feel disrespected• Do you think of your list as a resource, database or an asset; and not as people or subscribers?
  11. 11. Virtue: Charity• By all means monetize, but:• Give, give, give!• Educate, entertain, enlighten• Walk the walk on trust and authority• Timely, actionable and relevant• Explore alternative ways to monetize
  12. 12. Sloth
  13. 13. Sloth
  14. 14. Sloth• No list at all• No testing• No metrics• Taking short cuts
  15. 15. Virtues: Diligence, Attention• Test / Mix it up! – Time of day – Signup form locations – Popups – Incentives – Layouts / Designs / Subject Lines• Metrics matter – Pay attention to the trends – Open, bounce, unsubscribe rates
  16. 16. Pride
  17. 17. Pride• Everything I send is great!• One size fits all
  18. 18. Virtue: Humility• You are not your audience!• Timeliness: – Multiple delivery schedules• Relevance: – Topic-specific lists, activity-based mailings• Test: – Subject lines, calls to action, time of day• Platform: – How does it look on your phone?
  19. 19. Lust
  20. 20. Lust• Excitement is good!• Capitalize on it, but…• Beware short cuts• Overwhelming the new subscriber• Too much “enthusiasm” gets you into trouble!
  21. 21. Virtue: Chastity• Reward new subscribers• Nurture the relationship• Build trust• Take it easy with your autoresponders• Use activity-based mailings• Send the right message at the right time to the right person
  22. 22. Envy
  23. 23. Envy• Size isn’t everything!
  24. 24. Virtue: Kindness• Quality counts over quantity• Nurture your engaged subscribers• Focus on your trends• Build on your success• Reward continued activity• Prune older lists
  25. 25. Gluttony
  26. 26. Gluttony• Aggressive popups• Buying names• Not using dual opt-in• Bombarding subscribers for traffic, income
  27. 27. Virtue: Temperance• Practice safe popups! Respect the visitor• Experiment with different signup forms• NEVER BUY LISTS• Stay relevant• It’s OK to mail once a week if that’s what your readers expect
  28. 28. Thank You! Questions? Comments?• Talk to me! – phil@feedblitz.com – @phollows – Say hi @ Booth #713• Resources – Check out: ListBuildingForBloggers.com – Subscribe: FeedBlitz.com/f? Sub=84 – Start a Trial: FeedBlitz.com/NMX