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Lfs Capabilities Hd

  1. 1. Light Fantastic Capabilities Interactive Visualization in Sophisticated User Experiences
  2. 2. Light Fantastic Studios... Is focused on developing Creative Information, Communications and Entertainment media solutions Can fit each clients unique communications needs with the precise Talent and Technology required Has the diverse expertise needed to respond to the underlying complexity of media and technology convergence
  3. 3. A Complex Convergence Dilemma User simplicity and mobility require increasing technical complexity* End-End Integrated Cumulative Complexity Mobile Appliances Community eCustomer Service Advanced 3D Visualization eCommerce Interactive WebCasting eMarketing Rich Internet Content Stand Alone Sales and Marketing Interactive CD/DVD Internal – internal process control (ERM) Graphical Application Interfaces (GUI) Internal – key financial Simple ‘user’ interfaces controls Text Graphical Audio Integrated Dynamic Custom Interactive Apps Video Content Content Content Content *The goal of user simplicity hides the exponential increase in CUMULATIVE COMPLEXITY caused by the need to enhance and integrate capabilities of disparate technologies
  4. 4. Light Fantastic provides... Vision and strategy, coupled with enabling technologies Expertise to rapidly implement solutions that offer genuine return on investment Large and small project capability with the scaled economy of a veteran team
  5. 5. What we do… Review, strategize, create and produce innovative media experiences Develop rich content using those formats and technologies that fit the real need Partner with our clients … Their success is our success Provide enabling technologies directly or through strategic partners, saving time & money, reducing risk ... assuring expertise
  6. 6. Key Services we provide: Media and Content Strategy Creative Digital Media Design Content Production and Deployment Emerging Technology planning expertise to assure forward capabilities
  7. 7. Key Services we provide: User Experience Design Innovative Interactive Content Development SEO, Search Marketing, Social Media Strategy Technical Design and Development Project Management responsible for all vendors and service providers
  8. 8. Our Strategic Model and: 4P’s People: Key individuals with deep and unique expertise Process: Strategic planning and proactive client relationship Partners: An alliance of high quality integrated service partners provide wide range of skills, all sizes of projects Products: Targeted content and access to unique key enabling technologies
  9. 9. What every Client needs: Creative communications that extends existing business while inventing new audience and revenue opportunities Strategic expertise to adopt and integrate creative media with required technologies Project management to execute the strategy
  10. 10. What every Client needs: A creative technology partner that understands their needs Knowledge Transfer and Collaboration Tools Flexible staffing alternatives for different complexity, time & budget requirements
  11. 11. Light Fantastic Capabilities Product Marketing and Corporate Event Media Communications & Animation Design and Investor Relations Media Production User Experience Design & Educational Design & Brand Development Interactive Training Digital Video Production, Graphic Design and Web Streaming & WebCasting Development Technical Design and Database Integration L ig h t F a n t a s t ic S t u d io s , In c . , N e w Yo r k , N Y
  12. 12. Light Fantastic People A crafted merger of innovative talent, ...the Light Fantastic team reflects the disciplines required for key projects to succeed Content Strategy Creative Design Scalable Technology
  13. 13. Past Clients include: AirVisual Cantor/eSpeed IDT Communications Dow Jones Lowe Advertising JPMorgan/Chase Philip Morris Merrill Lynch Sony Morgan Stanley Viacom Prudential Wunderman World Gold Council Young & Rubicam ZStrata
  14. 14. Financial Services
  15. 15. 3D Visualizations and Exhibits
  16. 16. Publishing
  17. 17. Real Estate
  18. 18. B2B & B2C Marketing
  19. 19. Investor Relations
  20. 20. In Conclusion When Your Audience Expects the Extraordinary … … Turn to the Light Light Fantastic Studios, Inc. www.lightfantasticstudios.com +1.212.604.0666