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Volunteer Succession Planning


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A look at how create successful succession planning in your non-profit organization; tailored for association chapters

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Volunteer Succession Planning

  1. 1. Succession Planning Chapter Leadership Council Meeting
  2. 2. Which best describes your current board?  All positions filled  All key positions filled  Few “openings”
  3. 3. Which best describes the make-up of your current board? ≥ 50% are serving 1st or 2nd term ≥ 50% have served more than 2 terms ≥ 75% have served more than 2 terms
  4. 4. Which best describes the make-up of your current board? Baby Boomers Mostly Boomers with 1 or 2 Gen X Mix of generations
  5. 5. Which best describes your current leadership succession plan? Fully functioning (& we have the people to proof it!) It’s on paper Catch-as-catch-can
  6. 6. Dynamic processSuccession management
  7. 7. "The first responsibility of a leader is to develop a person to replace them. The leader should identify four prospects. Identify four because, on average, one will refuse, one will disappoint, one will move, and one will accept."
  9. 9. Generations? Younger generations believe more strongly in the importance of volunteering! Career & Life Cycle!
  10. 10. TeachersLocal Leaders Adhoc Shapers Writers
  11. 11. Engage us
  12. 12. Why members begin volunteering … 1Meaningfulopportunity 4 Doesn’t cost me 2 Have the right skills 5 Short-term 3 Accessible assignment location
  13. 13. Why members don’t volunteer … 1Never asked personally 2 Lack of info about opportunities Not meaningful 3Lack of virtual/short- 4 term assignments Lack of follow through 5 It costs me
  14. 14. So what’s your pain point?
  15. 15. Engage Connect Orient Monitor Mentor Reward Feedback
  16. 16. Questions …Peggy M. Hoffman, CAEMariner Management & Marketingphoffman@marinermanagement.com301.725.2508Connect with me on-line: Twitter: @peggyhoffman LinkedIn: Peggy Hoffman