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The Mission Driven Volunteer


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How do recapture the spirit of volunteerism in your association? The slide deck shares finding and key questions for association professionals based on the white paper The Mission Driven Volunteer. Session from #Ideas14, ASAE Great Ideas.

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The Mission Driven Volunteer

  1. 1. The Mission Driven Volunteer Monday, March 10, 2014 1:30 – 2:45 pm Hashtag: #ideas14 LE2 Peggy Hoffman, CAE Elizabeth Weaver Engel, M.A., CAE
  2. 2. How we got here Peggy Hoffman, CAE @peggyhoffman Elizabeth Engel, CAE @ewengel Get the whitepaper: #ideas14 LE2
  3. 3. Agenda  Problems with the current model  How are you responding?  Volunteering myths – volunteering realities  Adding mission  Microvolunteering and ad hocracy  Applying what you’ve learned #ideas14 LE2
  4. 4. Problems with the current model  Generational differences  Groupthink  Limited involvement #ideas14 LE2
  5. 5. #ideas14 LE2 Generational Differences
  6. 6. #ideas14 LE2 Groupthink
  7. 7. #ideas14 LE2 Limited Involvement
  8. 8. Table discussion  Are you seeing these trends in your association?  How are they affecting you?  What are you doing to address them? #ideas14 LE2
  9. 9. A new definition  Dispel the myths  Add “mission”  Embrace adhoc/micro/episodic #ideas14 LE2
  10. 10. #ideas14 LE2 Think upside-down
  11. 11. #ideas14 LE2 Volunteering is pro-social
  12. 12. #ideas14 LE2 Poor volunteer management causes “voluntears”
  13. 13. #ideas14 LE2 Mission drives motivation
  14. 14. #ideas14 LE2 Take off the hand cuffs
  15. 15. #ideas14 LE2
  16. 16. Table discussion  What are you doing to discover and accommodate Gen-X and Millennial volunteer preferences?  What are you doing to accommodate online/virtual volunteering?  What have your experiences with ad hocracy/task forces been?  What is and is not working for your volunteers? #ideas14 LE2
  17. 17. What will YOU do differently tomorrow? #ideas14 LE2
  18. 18. Keep in Touch! Peggy Hoffman, CAE President & Association Manager Mariner Management @peggyhoffman 301.725.2508 Elizabeth Weaver Engel, CAE CEO & Chief Strategist Spark Consulting @ewengel 202.468.3478 #ideas14 LE2Get the whitepaper: