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Mutually Effective Volunteering: You Say Adhoc, I Say Micro


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A look at how and why to embrace new forms of volunteering in associations.

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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Mutually Effective Volunteering: You Say Adhoc, I Say Micro

  1. 1. Mutually Effective Volunteering, Part 1: You Say Adhoc, I Say Micro June 13, 2016 | 10:15 am Content guide: Peggy Hoffman, CAE | @peggyhoffman Mariner Management
  2. 2. Planting the seeds as you come in • Introduce yourself • What brings you this session
  3. 3. Variety <opportunities, people> Support <resources, training> Inclusive <meets diverse individuals, needs>
  4. 4. Ad-hoc Focus: one & done Micro Size: quick & easy Episodic Reoccurring
  5. 5. What in your mix?
  6. 6. i Membership loyalty (73%) 7 Engagement of unseated volunteers m Serving non-traditional members Source: Mutually Beneficial Volunteering Survey, ASAE Foundation
  7. 7. Engagement drives retention Source: Decision To Volunteer; MGI Membership Marketing Survey
  8. 8. Source: Decision To Volunteer, ASAE
  9. 9. • Eases people in • Create volunteer lifecycle • Supports collaboration
  10. 10. Source: Yulyasha at Russian Wikipedia
  11. 11. Low -- new jobs & embracing level 1 & 2 volunteering Medium – replacing/evolving as you go High – formal change management
  12. 12. viewing, reading, attending liking, sharing, recommending contributing, commenting, responding to surveys volunteering in non-governing role volunteering in a leadership role
  13. 13. What accessible volunteering can you offer?
  14. 14. Imagine Act Build your map Choose the tools Be (or find) the Champion Brainstorm Committee Check Explore
  15. 15. Stay in touch Peggy Hoffman, CAE Mariner Management 301.725.2508