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Creating Chapter Experiences that Draw


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Let's crack the code to creating events and activities that bring local members together to learn and network.

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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Creating Chapter Experiences that Draw

  1. 1. Member Engagement Chats Strategies for chapter leaders
  2. 2. Your guide Peggy Hoffman
  3. 3. Creating Experiences that Draw Chat 1
  4. 4. Experience Mix 2 world-famous Sumo wrestlers, celebrity judges, YPO & the YMCA Source/Photo Credit:
  5. 5. How do you rate your typical event as an experience?
  6. 6. What’s on your mind when we say “creating experiences”?
  7. 7. why
  8. 8. connection
  9. 9. “…we crave interaction and connection. It's groups of people interacting face-to- face and creating shared experiences that stimulate all five senses — that’s the creation of memories.” Peter McGrath, FreemanXP
  10. 10. What
  11. 11. experience
  12. 12. Eight in ten Millennials said experiences help shape their identity and create lifelong experiences. Essentially, they’re investing in themselves instead of the stock market. Source: Eventbrite 2017 Study
  13. 13. HOw
  14. 14. Digitally-social
  15. 15. What trend keeps you up at night?
  16. 16. Let’s act Get out of the lecture/break-out room Size doesn’t matter – and it can be a negative New networking Focus on “power of moments” Create conversation
  17. 17. Let’s act Get out of the lecture/break-out room
  18. 18. “Brain science shows that learning in an unexpected environment, like outside in nature, triggers the release of dopamine to the hippocampus, the part of the brain that creates memories.”
  19. 19. Let’s act Size doesn’t matter – and it can be a negative
  20. 20. Let’s act New networking
  21. 21. Let’s act Focus on “power of moments”
  22. 22. Let’s act Create conversation
  23. 23. Let’s act Map the experience mix • List the major touchpoints throughout your event lifecycle • List the opportunities and ideas for creating a memorable experience
  24. 24. What will you try?
  25. 25. Member Engagement Chats Help Members Find Their Way The Conversation Has Started Building your Volunteer Muscle 5 Ideas to Make Your Chapter Shine
  26. 26. @peggyhoffman 301.725.2508