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Dangers of instant noodles


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Dangers of instant noodles

  1. 1. Healthy Lifestyles - Instant noodle has now become a popular lifestyle. Foods that are most favored by the peoplebecause its cheap but affordable, its also delicious. Makes it relatively easy too, just boiled, put seasoning andserve. But not many of our people who know about the dangers of instant noodles when consumed continuously.Instant noodles are the noodles are cooked half-cooked, flavored and preserved. Seasoning of instant noodle arealso delicious and tasty. Of course it was taken from the taste or flavor giving msg that exceeds levels. This hasbecome one of the dangers of instant noodles.Excessive preservatives and MSG is not good for the body. Too much to drink and eat food preservatives will makethe body vulnerable to cancer virus. Another danger of instant noodles is to make the organs of the body becomesweaker and prone to various diseases. Good food is food that is fresh with no preservatives and less use of MSG.If so, whether we should not eat instant noodles? Of course, should, insofar as not every day and not too excessive.Eating instant noodles every day to make the stomach work extra hard to destroy the preservative noodles,seasonings sharp will also make the hull is damaged and tend to stomach ulcers.The following tips if you really want to eat instant noodles: 1. Boil the noodles thoroughly and dispose of used cooking water. Use hot water as the sauce another. Do not cook instant noodles brewed in a way. 2. Do not give all the flavor of instant noodles. Give it a little and mix with homemade condiments. At least avoid the danger of instant noodles a little of your body. 3. Consider the packaging of instant noodles, when the expiration date, do not let you eat instant noodles that have been damaged. 4. Do not eat instant noodles every day. Unless you are in desperate circumstances such as natural disasters are in shelters. Simply eating instant noodles once in two weeks, because the materials are in instant noodles for a long time to be digested by the stomach. 5. After eating instant noodles, there is great drinking water. Do not hit a soft drink. 6. Eat instant noodles you like best and has often you eat. No need to try the new instant noodles. Because when you are disappointed with the new instant noodles, you will eat instant noodles again to cover your disappointment. Of course this behavior is triggered you to eat too much instant noodles so that adds to the danger of instant noodles in your body.Well, hopefully some useful tips on to you. Remember, the danger of instant noodles will not be directly visible nowbut 10 or 20 years from now, the danger that will threaten you.Most of them are not educated to eat healthy foods. Parents tend to let their children eat instant noodles three times aday, as long as the kids happy and eating ravenously. Beware! Care about your family.