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  1. 1. Stage 5 – Self-Directed Learning<br /><ul><li>FACTSIDEA GENERATIONLEARNING ISSUESACTION PLANSIn 1996, Malaysia identified information and communication technology (ICT) as one of the key foundations for its projected transition from a production-based economy to a knowledge-based economy by 2020. The Smart Schools initiative is one of the flagship applications of Malaysia’s Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) project. The Government of Malaysia aims to capitalize on the presence of leading-edge technologies and the rapid development of the MSC’s infrastructure to jump–start deployment of enabling technology to schools. A group of 90 pilot Smart Schools in 1999 will serve as model in teaching concepts and materials, skills, and technologies. By 2020, all primary and secondary schools in Malaysia will be Smart Schools.ICT is important to improve knowledge of a society. Knowledgeable society can drive economic growth of country.Smart School has their own concept of teaching and learning component.Smart School is focusing on the using of ICT as enablers in teaching and learning process.The implementation of Smart School is in progress.There are some challengers faced in achieving the objectives of Smart School.There are some solutions to overcome the problems arise due to the implementation of Smart School.How ICT can improve knowledge of a society?What is the relationship between knowledgeable societies with economic growth?What is the teaching and learning component in Smart school concept?How ICT is used as enablers in teaching and learning process?What is the progress of Smart School have been made so far?What are the challenges faced in the implementation of Smart School?How to overcome the problems arise due to the implementation of Smart School?Search the information from internet. smartschool/downloads/blueprint.pdf