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Communities Without Borders - The Big Social (Sept 2011)


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This is a presentation from "The Big Social 2011" which was presenting by myself, Bill Johnston from Dell and Dharmesh Singh from Microsoft about how to take your community program Global.

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Communities Without Borders - The Big Social (Sept 2011)

  1. 1. The Big Social2011Telligent Customer Conference#Telligent #TheBigSocialCommunities Without BordersBill Johnston, DellForrest W. Lymburner, Texas InstrumentsDharmesh Singh, Microsoft
  2. 2. The Big Social 2011Agenda Session Objectives Industry Trends Panel Introduction Panel Discussions Continue Learning Q&A2
  3. 3. The Big Social 2011Session ObjectiveYour organization is global, why isn’tyour community?Learn from a panel of experts on what ittakes to implement communities acrossmultiple regions and countries.3
  4. 4. The Big Social 2011Bill Johnston4Director of Global Online Community, Dell@BillJohnston # years workingwith onlinecommunities Key responsibilities Countries withcommunities # communitymembers Interesting
  5. 5. The Big Social 2011Dharmesh Singh5Director of Office 365, Microsoft@dpstomar 3 years working withonline communities; 14yrs. at Microsoft workingglobally Key Responsibilities Vision, Strategy andExecution Drive Feedback intoEngineering Launched Office 365community
  6. 6. The Big Social 2011Forrest W. Lymburner6WW Community Program Manager, Texas Instruments 3 years workingwith onlinecommunities KeyResponsibilities Focused communitiesin 4 regions 70,000 communitymembers Recently launched
  7. 7. The Big Social 20117Panel Insights
  8. 8. 8 Online Community Strategy & PlanningDell’s OnlineCommunity:An extended, onlinenetwork ofrelationshipsbetweenemployees, partnersand customers.
  9. 9. The Big Social 2011Aligning regional communitystrategies Intention is constant; engagementcontextual Rely on local team member’sperspective Local 3rd party research partners Lots of planning with local teams Go see yourself!10
  10. 10. The Big Social 2011When should you “cross thestreams” ? What is driving the requirement? Net positive impact? (everybody mustwin) Type of content / interaction (wiki Pros / Cons Mixed language RTT / Machine Human / Crowd11
  11. 11. The Big Social 2011Launching regional communitiesfrom the Mothership Business need? Critical mass in region / language? Language or region specific? Ingredients for Success: Content +Local Core12
  12. 12. The Big Social 2011Office 365 Community Launched Jun24th 9 Languages English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Korean, Japanese andTraditional Chinese Advocacy, Feedback and Support13
  13. 13. The Big Social 2011Getting Started One by One“Lets start skunk works marketing project out of engineering” Think big start small Celebrate the small victories14
  14. 14. The Big Social 2011Managing SuccessfulCommunities-Culture, Culture, Culture!!! Community is about Engagement Transparency Commitment Think “Glocal” Leverage Local teams Reward experts15
  15. 15. The Big Social 2011Understand Cultural Differences How do you implement yourcommunity in a way that aligns with thecultural differences in each region?Cookie-cutter doesn’t workSociology is keyKnow the social media space (It’s not all Twitter, Facebook& YouTube)16
  16. 16. The Big Social 2011Your Regional BusinessPractices How can you make your communityreflect the way you do business in aregion? Sustainable & scalable for thelanguage Direct or In-Direct sales model Brand perception Partner or Enforcer?17
  17. 17. The Big Social 2011Regional Web Standards How do you make sure yourcommunity aligns with the webstandards of the region?18
  18. 18. The Big Social 201119The Site We Built
  19. 19. The Big Social 201120The way we should have built it
  20. 20. REMINDER#Telligent #TheBigSocialContinue your learning: Partner Pavilions Networking Telligent demonstrations Telligent Community 6.0 Telligent Enterprise 3.0 Telligent Analytics Keynote – Jeff Hayzlett
  21. 21. After The BigSocial#Telligent #TheBigSocial On Monday morning … Take inventory of your international social mediaprograms Collect data/listening research to find the gaps in yoursocial strategy In 3 months Identify your focus markets and develop individualizedplans for each Immerse yourself in the culture - consider face-to-facemeetings for key regions
  22. 22. REMINDER#Telligent #TheBigSocialAfter The Big Social is over – continue learning: Online Community Strategy – Community Management & Best Practices– The Community Roundtable Community Management & Social MediaStrategy – Blaise Grimes – Viort’s Blog
  23. 23. REMINDER#Telligent #TheBigSocialAfter The Big Social is over Visit Customer Connection – Telligent Communitycustomers Employee Community – Telligent Enterprisecustomers Telligent Support – Customer service andsupport Developer Space – Extend and integrate theplatform
  24. 24. REMINDER#Telligent #TheBigSocialStock Questions (KJ: will delete this slide and give them to Rob to ask) How do I know if I should take my community global? When should I do it? When should I not do it? What are the necessary team dynamics/skills to make a global communitysuccessful? Any more questions to seed?