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5th Conference in the SeriesEnergy and Utilities ProcurementTailoring Your Energy Strategy to Changing Markets, Fighting P...
Day 114th May 201208:30   Registration and Morning Coffee                                                                 ...
Day 215th May 201208:30   Registration and Morning Coffee                                                        13:45   C...
Half Day Interactive Post-Conference Workshopmarcus evans                                                                 ...
Speaker ProfilesAndrew Warren                                                                                         Vale...
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Energy and utilities procurement conference may 2012


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I'm leading the workshop at the conference.

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Energy and utilities procurement conference may 2012

  1. 1. 5th Conference in the SeriesEnergy and Utilities ProcurementTailoring Your Energy Strategy to Changing Markets, Fighting Price Volatility whileMeeting Sustainability ObjectivesLondon Marriott MarbleArch Hotel, UK Find a strategy that14th–16th May 2012 fits your needs – Grow your business by managingIncluding Half Day Post-Conference InteractiveWorkshop on the 16th May 2012: energy procurement challenges –Combating High Energy Prices and Costs by ReducingEnergy ConsumptionLed By:Phil Evans more intelligentlyManaging DirectorGreen BridgeAttending This Premier marcus evansConference Will Enable You to: In the Chair:• Assess the impact of the events in Japan and the Middle Dean Campbell East on global markets and price volatility Group Indirect Procurement Manager• Comply with regulations and carbon management by IMI plc developing an integrated energy, carbon and sustainability strategy• Prepare for future challenges in energy procurement with effective risk management marcus evans Expert Speaker Panel:• Optimise procurement contracts and negotiations to develop your competitive edge Frederic Tilmans Andrea Zanaglia• Benchmark with your peers from different countries and Chief Purchasing Officer Energy Manager learn how to deal with different European markets Infrabel Cremonini• Find the best strategy to reduce energy and utilities’ consumption and costs Andrew Warren Luis de Miguel• Get familiar with efficient and transparent ways to source Senior Director Energy Manager energy needs ACE (Association for ArcelorMittal• Manage risks effectively to secure the most favourable the Conservation of Energy) prices Lieven Stalmans Dr. Bernd Leven Group Manager Energy Head of Smart Energy and and EnvironmentLearn from Key Practical Case Studies: Supply Contracts Borealis British Telecom• Kraft Foods Europe evaluate further market liberalisation Linda Burgess and its implications on energy buying decisions Mervyn Bowden UK Energy Purchasing Manager• Saint-Gobain secure the most profitable prices on volatile Head of Energy Management Saint-Gobain energy markets Marks and Spencer• Car gill fight with price fluctuations and uncertainties with Kris van Damme the help of cutting edge risk management strategies Patrick Bas Manager Non-Automotive• Novo Nordisk reach climate saver goals and associated EMEA Energy Manager Purchasing energy efficiency through a continuous improvement of Johnson & Johnson Volvo the energy management model• Marks and Spencer develop a framework for an integrated Valentina Palma Chris Wood energy, carbon and sustainability strategy Global Category Manager -– Energy and CO2 Business• Ineos manage sourcing of natural gas in today’s uncertain Electricity Procurement Unit Manager energy climate Vodafone Ineos• Johnson & Johnson deal with major risks and specifics in diffirent European countries Joachim Gessner Tom Schurmans Procurement Manager Energy EMEA Risk Management – Energy, Kraft Foods Europe Transportation and Industrial Cargill Bent Gabelgaard Senior Energy Procurement Manager Novo NordiskMedia Partner: conferences
  2. 2. Day 114th May 201208:30 Registration and Morning Coffee SOUND SOLUTIONS TO MANAGE RISKS, PRICE VOLATILITY AND FLUCTUATIONS09:00 Chair’s Opening Address Dean Campbell 14:30 Case Study Group Indirect Procurement Manager Securing the Most Profitable Prices on Volatile Energy Markets IMI plc • Buying energy at the right time with the right risk management strategy • Price tracking and the importance of timing at the market EVOLUTION OF THE ENERGY MARKET – THE OVERALL PICTURE • Identifying prime opportunity points when buying energy by constantly OF RECENT DEVELOPMENTS monitoring market dynamics • Importance of forecast accuracy to avoid extra costs09:15 Case Study Linda Burgess Dealing with Different European Countries – Major Risks and Specifics UK Energy Manager • The EU is still far from united if it comes to energy buying: Saint-Gobain - It depends on the local energy market - Dealing with price differences in the EU due to taxes and premiums 15:15 Afternoon Tea and Networking Break - Cultural differences might determine the way the game is played • Looking at market opportunities and risks across Europe 15:45 Case Study Patrick Bas Fighting with Price Fluctuations and Uncertainties by Cutting Edge EMEA Energy Manager Risk Management Strategies Johnson & Johnson • Measuring and identifying the risks you are facing • Taking into account security of supply as part of risk management10:00 Case Study • Reducing the risks caused by price fluctuation by price hedging strategies Legislation and Evolving Regulatory Frameworks – What is Coming • Analysing different risks to enable effective decision making Our Way? Tom Schurmans • The overview of the regulatory and environmental framework in energy Risk Management – Energy, Transportation and Industrial procurement in Europe Cargill • How is that going to affect the whole energy supply chain and impact the overall costs in the energy environment? 16:30 Case Study • Ongoing initiatives within the EU – Environmental agenda influencing the energy Minimising Risks while Maximising Profits through Flexible Energy market and CO2 emission trading Contracts • Harmonisation of the whole energy market in Europe – what are the timelines? • Various contract options: Choosing the right type of contract when buying energy Andrew Warren • Ensuring that supply contracts enable effective management of price and volume Senior Director • Securing the required flexibilities in the supply contracts to increase stability ACE (Association for the Conservation of Energy) • Upcoming contract expirations require action - Finding the correct time to make a purchase deal10:45 Morning Coffee and Networking Break Kris van Damme Manager Non-Automotive Purchasing11:15 Case Study Volvo Further Market Liberalisation and its Implications on Energy Buying Decisions 17:15 Case Study • Adapting to the deregulation of the European market environment Looking into the Electricity Market and Finding the Best • Evaluating the pace of liberalisation and the market place changes – How do Sourcing Strategy energy suppliers adapt to the changing market environment? • Global electricity market – evolution and main drivers • Energy purchasing strategies in liberalised markets • Implementing an effective electricity sourcing strategy • Establishing more consistent and transparent market access criteria – Does • Data management and smart metering supplier size matter? • Carbon footprint and corporate responsibility Joachim Gessner Valentina Palma Procurement Manager Energy EMEA Global Category Manager – Electricity Procurement Kraft Foods Europe Vodafone12:00 Case Study 18:00 Closing Comments from the Chair Discussing the Future of Nuclear Power • Fukushima and its long-term impact on nuclear power 18:15 End of Day • The implications of the nuclear phase-out in Germany and national decisions on nuclear power • The impact of the recent events in Japan, North Africa, the Middle East on the energy supply in Europe and future energy prices • Will further investments into nuclear take place? Luis de Miguel Energy Manager ArcelorMittal12:45 Luncheon13:45 Interactive Panel Discussion Global Macroeconomic Fundamentals and Their Impact on Energy Buyers and Prices • Main drivers and indicators in the energy space – How will they shape the energy market in the future? • Looking into energy and utilities’ price management in the current political and economic climate • Low price vs. low carbon environment – Where should the main focus be? • Considering different scenarios and their positive and negative sides – Forecasting prices and trends • Supply and demand comparison on the global market Invited panelists: Lieven Stalmans Group Manager Energy and Environment Borealis Complimentary Accommodation Booking Service: Andrew Warren Senior Director ACE (Association for the Conservation of Energy) Tom Schurmans For specially negotiated and discounted hotel bedroom rates please contact Risk Management – Energy, Transportation and Industrial our official Travel and Accommodation provider – Karen Symonds at Cargill myTravel Manager on
  3. 3. Day 215th May 201208:30 Registration and Morning Coffee 13:45 Case Study What is BT’s Energy and Carbon Strategy?09:00 Chair’s Opening Address • Key components: Dean Campbell – Energy efficiency Group Indirect Procurement Manager – Self-generation IMI plc – Purchasing of low and zero carbon energy • How can self-generation reduce CO2 emissions and cost? EFFECTIVE ENERGY PROCUREMENT STRATEGIES – Examples on on-shore wind, solar and CCHP • How can purchasing from renewable and low carbon sources reduce CO2? • How can policy and regulation constrain or accelerate the use of low carbon09:15 Case Study sources? Implementing an Integrated Approach for Energy, Utilities and – Create additional pull for investment in renewable, avoid double counting and Carbon Management give customer choice for electricity source • Borealis’ integrated approach for energy, utilities and carbon management – Merging climate change levy and carbon reduction commitment • Balancing between group sourcing and local level approach – Which strategy is – Implement an Energy Source Label the best for your company? • Centralised sourcing, risk management and project development Dr. Bernd Leven • Decentralised operational and regulatory follow-up Head of Smart Energy and Supply Contracts British Telecom Lieven Stalmans Group Manager Energy and Environment Borealis 14:30 Case Study Green Power: Renewable Subsidies and Alternative Sources of Energy • De-carbonising energy procurement by investing in green energy10:00 Case Study • Following government initiatives in the green area Aligning Energy Purchasing and Sourcing Decisions with Business • Producing your own green energy – Self-generation Objectives • Investing in green technologies to meet CO2 targets – Exploring the benefits • Choosing a competitive and effective energy and utility supplier in • The impact of renewable energy sources on taxes, market volatility and market the marketplace capacity • Conducting cost analyses to develop a sustainable sourcing strategy • Assessing the costs and dealing with shortages of green energy • Including increasing non-energy components’ costs (distribution, taxes etc) into • Linking energy with the product LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) the decision process • Assessing the energy marketplace for competitive deals Andrea Zanaglia • Considering energy brokers and their “trading baskets” to protect your business Energy Manager against ups and downs in energy prices Cremonini Frederic Tilmans 15:15 Afternoon Tea and Networking Break Chief Purchasing Officer Infrabel 15:45 Interactive Panel Discussion10:45 Morning Coffee and Networking Break Carbon Trading and its Impact on Energy Prices • How does emission trading impact contract choices and energy costs? SUSTAINABILITY AND ‘GOING GREEN’ IN ENERGY PROCUREMENT • Monitoring of EU carbon credit prices – What will happen in the future? • Beyond Kyoto – What comes after? • Understanding the difference in measuring gross and net carbon11:15 Case Study Reaching Climate Saver Goals and Associated Energy Efficiency Invited panelists: through a Continuous Improvement of the Energy Management Bent Gabelgaard Model Senior Energy Procurement Manager • Novo Nordisk and the ESCO model Novo Nordisk • What is our climate saver model? Essentials (multi-site, multinational, different Andrea Zanaglia energy consumption mix on the different sites) Energy Manager • Monitoring and analysing the energy consumption data to set up the best Cremonini strategy to reduce energy consumption • Implementing energy saving schemes • Conducting energy efficiency audits in a multinational, multi-plant environment to STRATEGIC ENERGY SOURCING – MORE EFFICIENT AND TRANSPARENT realise where reductions can be made WAYS TO SOURCE ENERGY NEEDS • Benchmarking cost of climate saving schemes/KPIs across plants/sites Bent Gabelgaard 16:30 Case Study Senior Energy Procurement Manager Managing Sourcing of Natural Gas in Today’s Uncertain Energy Novo Nordisk Climate • Is natural gas the primary energy source of the future? • Looking at a global picture of gas supply, global gas market opportunities and threats12:00 Case Study • Analysing the European natural gas market , the supply-demand gap and gas Developing a Framework for an Integrated Energy, Carbon and trade movements Sustainability Strategy • Facing gas challenges: Production, prices and developments • Making energy procurement part of your company’s green strategy • US Shell Gas: Impact on Europe • Ensuring that electricity supply comes from zero carbon sources • Concerns about gas delivery and trading in Europe • Measuring sustainability and your carbon footprint – What are the tools? • LNG market – What will be its impact on pipeline gas market and pricing? • Making “grey” energy “green” – What are the instruments and conditions behind it? Chris Wood • Complying with green laws and achieving compliance with sustainability and Energy and CO2 Business Unit Manager carbon emissions regulation Ineos Mervyn Bowden 17:15 Closing Comments from the Chair Head of Energy Management Marks and Spencer 17:30 End of Day12:45 Luncheon Business Development Opportunities: Does your company have solutions or technologies that the conference delegates would benefit from knowing? If so, you can find out more about the exhibiting, networking and branding opportunities available by contacting: Rob Taylor, Regional Director Sponsorship, marcus evans Barcelona, Tel: +34 93 393 4632 Email:
  4. 4. Half Day Interactive Post-Conference Workshopmarcus evans 16th May 2012 08.30 Registration and Morning Coffee 09.00 Workshop Leader’s Opening Remarks marcus evans conferences COMBATING HIGH ENERGY PRICES AND COSTS BY REDUCING ENERGY Producers of high quality business to business conferences designed CONSUMPTION to address the strategic information needs of senior executives. Topics Covered Include: Speakers are practitioners from international blue-chip • Measuring energy consumptions at different sites and plants – What are the tools? organisations and financial institutions, as well as business schools, • Managing energy consumption to improve forecasts academic bodies and government ministries. More than • Increasing energy efficiency to reduce your energy bills and carbon footprint 1,000 conferences take place each year, attracting over • Reducing the energy volume without reducing the comfort of your operations • Sharing best practices in energy efficiency 100,000 delegates and 16,000 speakers. Led By: Phil Evans Managing Director marcus evans summits Green Bridge Producers and promoters of over 150 of the world’s leading Attendees will be able to enjoy morning tea and networking opportunities midway business and economic summits every year for senior decision through the workshop at 11.00 makers at exclusive locations around the world. These events provide attendees with a unique opportunity to access the latest 13.00 Workshop Leader’s Closing Remarks developments in their chosen industry and to network in a structured environment with leading industry practitioners. marcus evans professional training Sector Focused and General Management Training through high quality courses, videos and CD-ROMs enables organisations of any size and geographical location to benefit from working with marcus evans for all their training needs. The clients’ demands for high quality hands-on training drives the focus for content, and thorough research ensures a compatibility with current business concerns. marcus evans language training marcus evans linguarama offers effective training in language, communication and culture for business and professional people. With more than 30 years’ experience and over 20 centres in Europe, we are one of Europe’s largest business language and communication training organisations. Each year marcus evans linguarama trains people from over 60 countries worldwide and provides over 1,000 companies and organisations with total training solutions where our courses are focused entirely on the needs of the individual participant or group and have practical relevance to business and professional life. marcus evans corporate hospitality Specialists in corporate hospitality linked to the premier international sporting events around the world. Trading as The Hospitality Group (thg), Sports Marketing Group (smg) and International Championship Management, the event diary is About Your Workshop Leader: nothing less than an international sporting directory. Phil Evans has twenty years experience in a wide range of energy and environmental management roles. He has held positions with Consulting Engineers, Local Authorities, private sector energy consultants, Government-funded marcus evans congresses organisations and in full-time energy management roles. He has been based marcus evans congresses bring together the leading vendors and in the UK throughout his career, but he has worked on energy-related projects in Europe and Asia. decision makers from a wide range of services and industries. Each event provides an opportunity for key suppliers to exhibit and He can apply his energy and environmental skills to any situation and has always demonstrate their products to the region’s key professionals. found ways to improve performance and/or reduce costs; whether he finds himself In addition to the exhibition format the event’s educational in a massive Beijing tyre manufacturer or a hotel in central London. As a committed conference is attended only by delegates who are pre-qualified, and passionate environmentalist, it is very important to him that he conducts himself in a professional manner with high ethical standards. He is known for his in most cases to a minimum spend of US$5 million and many with honesty and desire to present the best solutions for all clients as well as the budgets in excess of $50 million. environment. He is a competitive person and it is very important to him that he delivers meaningful, practical solutions that make sense and are in line with the four pillars of sustainability (economic, environmental, social and cultural)
  5. 5. Speaker ProfilesAndrew Warren Valentina PalmaSenior Director Global Category Manager - Electricity ProcurementACE (Association for the Conservation of Energy) VodafoneAndrew Warren has been Director of the UK Association for the Conservation of Energy since its Valentina Palma joined Vodafone in September 2009, where she is currently working as Groupfoundation in 1981. He is a former Special Advisor to House of Commons Select Committee on Category Manager for Electricity Purchasing. In this role she is setting the procurement strategies,the Environment; he has given oral evidence to many House of Commons and House of Lords she is negotiating and contracting and purchasing for several European countries (UK, Italy, Spain,Select Committees in the UK and also to inquiries undertaken by the European Parliament. He has Portugal, etc).spoken at many hearings called by the European Commission, and has spoken in every Member Prior to that she worked in Gucci as Group CRM Project Coordinator, where she remotelyState of the European Union (EU-15) – and most of the EU27 – at a variety of conferences on managed a project team of six Customer Services Managers as well as five After Sales and environment issues. In addition to writing regular monthly columns for several trade In 2008 she received the Ericsson’s Ego Prize for an innovative business idea in the ICT area.publications, he has also contributed articles to many international newspapers such as the While in 2007 she received the Marisa Bellisario Prize a national award attributed to women whoFinancial Times, the Guardian and the Daily Telegraph. He is currently Chair of the British Energy became professionally or academically renowned with a focus on Technology. ValentinaEfficiency Federation and of the Sustainable Energy Partnership; Deputy Chair of the Energy graduated cum Laude in Telecommunications Engineering from University of Rome Tor Vergata.Efficiency Partnership for Homes; a trustee of the UK National Energy Foundation; Fellow, UKEnergy Institute. He is a member of the Fuel Poverty Advisory Group, and of the Inter-MinisterialWorking Group on Government Buildings. He is also Chair of the forum reporting to the Climate Andrea ZanagliaChange Minister, charged with maximising the effectiveness of the Green Deal. For the Energy Managercommunities department, he chairs the working group linking changes to the building regulations Cremoniniand the Green Deal. Graduated in Engineering for Environmental Sustainability (Specialised in Transitory Energetic Analysis of Buildings). Assistant to the Energy Manager from 2008 to 2010 and Energy Manager of Cremonini GroupPatrick Bas from 2010 up to date.EMEA Energy Manager Energetic Certified of Buildings in Emilia Romagna.Johnson & Johnson He mainly develops the following activities:Patrick has over 10 years of experience in engineering, energy and facility management in various – Contractual and provisioning negotiations of electric energy and gas methane fordepartments within J&J, one of the largest healthcare companies in the world. His area of Cremonini Group;expertise includes regional program deployment of energy savings initiatives and energy – Management and contractual optimisation of Telecommunications costs;procurement in a decentralised company. Recently he joined the J&J facility mgmt council leading – Billing simulations for all users of Cremonini Group;sustainability initiatives in the EMEA and APAC region. Prior to his current role he was dedicated – Verification and Optimisation of energetic consumptions and evaluation of newenergy manager for one of J&J’s affiliates, Janssen Pharmaceutica. Patrick holds a master in technological for the energetic saving;engineering and a post graduate in business administration. Both from the university of Louvain – Energy Analysis of new buildings and/or undergoing restructuring;in Belgium. – Management and control of cogeneration plants; – Management and control of Biogas plant; – Feasibility studies and Evaluation of renewable sources facilities;Joachim Gessner – Management of Sustainability projectsProcurement Manager Energy EMEA – Reporting of Sustainability projects in order to obtain Government incentives.Kraft Foods EuropeJoachim is Procurement Manager Energy EMEA at Kraft Foods, based in Bremen, Germany. Whenjoining the Commodities Energy team eight years ago, he became responsible for Kraft´s Linda BurgessEuropean heating oil portfolio. In 2006, he took the leadership of Kraft´s European natural gas UK Energy Purchasing Managerportfolio. Next to streamlining and harmonising the supply base (number of suppliers / contracts / Saint-Gobainindices), he has constantly focused on extending the scope of risk managed gas spend within EU A buyer for all of her working life, Linda’s first experience of purchasing energy came when sheand beyond. In 2011 he took over Kraft´s EMEA electricity portfolio. Next to managing the direct joined Saint-Gobain in 2002. Initially buying for just one of the large industrial companies,energy commodity exposure, Joachim supports other Procurement functions in risk managing she soon took on the responsibility for all the industrial sites in the Group, with an annualrelevant commodity spend on their behalf (e.g. packaging). consumption of approx 2TWh. The role has expanded over the years, and now, as well as purchasing, includes formulating the strategies for energy sustainability, carbon reporting and management, PPA’s and onsite generation. Linda is an active participant at industry lobbyingBent Gabelgaard groups such as MEUC, EIUG and the CBI, where she represents Saint-Gobain in the UK.Senior Energy Procurement ManagerNovo NordiskBent Bernhard Gabelgaard has been numerous years in the investment banking sector in London Dean Campbell(UK) and Atlanta (USA), followed by years as trading risk manager at Energy E2 (Denmark) and Group Indirect Procurement Managerduring the past 7 years as head of energy procurement, Novo Nordisk AS, with a global portfolio IMI plcresponsibility. Dean has been in procurement for 17 years in a variety of roles within both the public and private sector. He has been involved in most aspects of procurement, from policy and strategy development through to commercial project procurement and category management.Mervyn Bowden Along the way, Dean has bought most things that a typical modern organisation is likely toHead of Energy Management consume, including paper underwear, non-stick toilets and body bags!Marks and Spencer In his current role, Dean is responsible for co-ordinating indirect spend initiatives across IMIsMervyn has a long track record in managing the energy portfolio for the Marks & Spencer group global businesses, covering a whole range of commodities, ranging from energy and IT throughand heads a large team of specialists who are constantly pushing the boundaries of energy to cars, travel and financial services.efficiency and innovation in procurement risk management and the renewable market. Involvedin the original architecture of the energy aspects of Plan A, the holistic sustainability programmelaunched in 2007 and extended in 2010, he has been a key player in setting strategy as well asimplementing measures to achieve the stretch targets involved. A Fellow of the Energy Institute,and one of the first to attain Chartered Energy Manager status in the UK, he authored a bookentitled Preparing the Company Energy & Carbon Plan in Autumn 2010 focusing on M & S’ssuccesses in the energy space, sponsored by Npower and published by MEUC, and has been akey pillar in launching the MEUC Training Academy to help raise awareness of energy issuesacross the UK. He also sits on a number of customer stakeholder groups and is on theMembership Panel of the Energy Institute.Lieven StalmansGroup Manager Energy and EnvironmentBorealisLieven Stalmans graduated with a Master Degree and Ph.D. in chemical engineering from LeuvenUniversity in Belgium. He joined Borealis in 2000 and became responsible for the energyefficiency program at the Borealis plants in Belgium in 2003. This responsibility further extendedwith the areas of CO2 emission trading and energy & utilities sourcing. Since 2009 he is GroupManager Energy and Environment for Borealis. Lieven is active in a number of associations onnational and European level, like the European Chemical Industry Council CEFIC, in the field ofenergy and environment. He is Chairman of the Working Party on Energy within the FlemishChemical Industry Association.