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Firefox student ambassadors and Mozilla


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Firefox student ambassadors and Mozilla

  2. 2. WE’RE BUILDING A BETTER INTERNET..!! Mission: Our mission is to promote openness, innovation & opportunity on the Web. At Mozilla, we’re a global community of technologists, thinkers and builders working together to keep the Internet alive and accessible, so people worldwide can be informed contributors and creators of the Web. We believe this act of human collaboration across an open platform is essential to individual growth and our collective future.
  3. 3. FIREFOX OVERVIEW Firefox is more than a browser (though it certainly is that). It’s the flagship brand that all our consumer products fall under. Any product bearing the Firefox name lets people know that it features the latest open, innovative technologies and that it’s made with a mission to keep the power of the Web in people’s hands and to build a brighter Internet future for all. The following pages go through each brand and its various elements in detail.
  4. 4. 5 PILLARS
  6. 6. PRODUCTS
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  9. 9. HISTORY(CONT’D)  The Mozilla project was created in 1998 with the release of the Netscape browser suite source code that was intended to harness the creative power of thousands of programmers on the Internet and fuel unprecedented levels of innovation in the browser market. Within the first year, new community members from around the world had already contributed new functionality, enhanced existing features and became engaged in the management and planning of the project itself.  By creating an open community, the Mozilla project had become larger than any one company. Community members got involved and expanded the scope of the project's original mission—instead of just working on Netscape's next browser, people started creating a variety of browsers, development tools and a range of other projects. People contributed to Mozilla in different ways, but everyone was passionate about creating free software that would enable people to have a choice in how they experienced the Internet.  After several years of development, Mozilla 1.0, the first major version, was released in 2002. This version featured many improvements to the browser, email client and other applications included in the suite, but not many people were using it. By 2002, well over 90% of Internet users were browsing with Internet Explorer. Not many people noticed at the time, but the first version of Phoenix (later renamed to Firefox) was also released by Mozilla community members that year with the goal of providing the best possible browsing experience to the widest possible set of people.  In 2003, the Mozilla project created the Mozilla Foundation, an independent non-profit organization supported by individual donors and a variety of companies. The new Mozilla Foundation continued the role of managing the daily operations of the project and also officially took on the role of promoting openness, innovation, and opportunity on the Internet. It did this by continuing to release software, such as Firefox and Thunderbird, and expanding to new areas, such as providing grants to support accessibility improvements on the Web.
  10. 10. HISTORY  Firefox 1.0 was released in 2004 and became a big success. In less than a year, Firefox had been downloaded over 100 million times. New versions of Firefox have come out regularly since then and keep setting new records. The popularity of Firefox has helped bring choice back to users. In 2008, Firefox reached 20% worldwide market share and renewed competition has accelerated innovation and improved the Internet for everyone.  Mozilla celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2008. In ten years the community has shown that commercial companies can benefit by collaborating in open source projects and that great end user products can be produced as open source software. More people than ever before are using the Internet and are experiencing it in their own language. A sustainable organization has been created that uses market mechanisms to support a public benefit mission and this model has been reused by others to create open, transparent and collaborative organizations in a broad range of areas.  The next ten years have challenges and opportunities equal to those of our first decade. There's no guarantee that the Internet will remain open or enjoyable or safe. Mozilla will continue to provide an opportunity for people to make their voices heard and to shape their own online lives. Of course, we're not alone in doing this. The Mozilla community, as well as other open source projects and other public benefit organizations, exists only because of the people who are engaged with making our common goals a reality. If you want to join us in our mission, please get involved.
  11. 11. MOZILLA TIMELINE  Firefox logo More importantly, what about that fox? Firefox was never meant to be a fox: it was originally meant to be a phoenix. Problem !! Phoenix is a popular moniker in just about every sector, including technology. Thus it became Firebird Again Problem !! Firebird is the name of an open source database server. Hence the name Firefox finalized
  12. 12. WHAT IS FSA?  FSAs are individuals who are passionate about Mozilla and raise awareness about the many benefits of Firefox and other Mozilla products-especially Firefox OS!  Creative and resourceful, Student Ambassadors lead campaigns and projects at their colleges and in their communities to encourage others to contribute to Mozilla (and utilize our products). Together, Firefox Student Ambassadors play a large role in helping to improve the global experience of people on the Web.  As part of the overall Mozilla Reps program (ReMo), Student Ambassadors are given the opportunity to learn new skills, earn recognition, and advance their leadership in the Mozilla community.
  13. 13. WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO?  The Firefox Student Ambassadors program exists to empower students with the tools and resources needed to:  Promote Firefox (Desktop and Android)  Support the successful launch of Firefox OS in communities (and campuses!) around the world  Educate others about Mozilla's mission  Grow the Mozilla Community
  14. 14. AND…  Event Speakership  Recruiting Contributors  Event Organizing  Graphic Designing  Student Developers  Photographers  Event Bloggers / Documentation
  15. 15. BENEFITS OF BEING FSA:  the Firefox Student Ambassadors provide an opportunity for those who love Firefox to:  Obtain leadership roles on their campus  Help grow our global community (and spread our mission) around the world  Receive a bunch of cool rewards and recognition opportunities  Help promote the open web and gain marketing experience  Potential for a Mozilla internship  Access to a network of Firefox Student Ambassadors all over the world  Potential visits to your campus by Mozilla staff
  16. 16. CERTIFICATE OF RECOGNITION  A Certificate of Recognition as a Firefox Student Ambassador is available to each person who:  Is a member of the Firefox Student Ambassador Program for at least one year or  Has served in a leadership position in their Firefox Club for at least six months  Certificate of Appreciation (and Stickers!) at Graduation  Upon graduation, we would like to recognize all of your hard work as a Firefox Student Ambassador. Please let us know here if you are graduating (from undergraduate or graduate school) within the next month and we will mail you a Certificate of Appreciation signed by the Mozilla Director of Community Engagement (Mary Colvig) as well as five Firefox stickers. Only those who have been a member of the program for longer than six months will be eligible to receive the certificate.
  17. 17. AFFILIATE BUTTON Each month, the Club with the largest number of downloads will receive tshirts for their Firefox Club. Please note that we can only send a maximum of 10 t-shirts to each Club.
  18. 18. APP OF THE MONTH  Each month, the Student Working Group will determine the theme for an app that would help improve or simplify the lives of students! These theme will be announced at the beginning of the month in our newsletter and Ambassadors will be asked to submit their HTML5 apps that align with this theme to be considered by the last day of the month.  In the following newsletter, Ambassadors will have the opportunity to cast one vote on the best app (as it relates to that month's theme). The app that obtains the highest number of votes will be featured in the next month's newsletter and receive a Very Splendid Gear Package(
  19. 19. WHERE TO JOIN?
  20. 20. CLUB LEADS  Firefox Club – Suggested Roles C. Outreach/Recruiting Lead A. Club Lead   Maintain club's presence on Ning network   Facilitate elections Institutional relations: Speak with professors about how you can highlight the club in their class - give a presentation on Mozilla to specific classes  Keep track of Club membership   Set regular meetings times and reserve locations and moderate meetings Facilitate relations and partnerships with other technology clubs at your school  Work closely with Student Working Group to sets Club goals for the quarter D. Events Lead  Submit club report card once a quarter (that includes gear + budget request)  Crafts events plan for the club for each quarter B. Communication Lead  Report back on event results and successes   Follow-up with event attendees   Maintain email lists and Club's online presence (including social media, wiki, and blog) Liaison with Mozilla Communication and social media team  Advertise involvement opportunities at campus club fairs and directories Drive the organization of any campaigns that continue through the quarter (or semester) Draft advertisements for 'How to Get Involved' in your Firefox Club on campus and advertise club’s events  E. Developer Relations
  21. 21. OFFICE HOURS Whether you're new to the community (or you've been here since the beginning), we're here to support and empower you to gain the most out of your time as a member of the Mozilla community! If you are new to the Mozilla Community (or Student Ambassador Program) and want to find out more information about how to get involved or what contribution areas are best suited for your abilities and interests please join us on IRC (#firefoxstudents) and we will be there to help answer your questions about how to get involved! Please join us for Office Hours 2 times a month!  IRC: #firefoxstudents  Day: Every other Wednesday  Time: 7:30am Pacific/ 5:30pm CEST/ 9:00pm IST/ 3:30pm UTC
  22. 22. BE SOCIAL FB page of FSA :
  23. 23. Slides By:Tanha Islam Mozilla Reps,Bangladesh Rma,South Asia