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Iit jee exam how to crack it by atc(ANURAG TYAGI CLASSES)


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Iit jee exam how to crack it by atc(ANURAG TYAGI CLASSES)

  1. 1. IIT JEE Exam : How To Crack It? AN EXCLUSIVE ARTICLE BY IIT EXAM IS ONE OF THE MOST PRESTIGIOUS EXAM IN INDIA.WE AT ATC RECEIVE THOUSANDS CALLS FROM STUDENTS/PARENTS ABOUT IIT PREPRATION.HERE ARE SOME VALUABLE TIPS AND SUGGESTIONS FOR THEM. By good preparation, every IIT aspirant can fulfill his dream for taking admission in TopEngineering Colleges of India. The correct preparation is fun for the body and brain. Though preparation is the key factor for getting success in the exam, but it is very essential to be relaxed. When we take stress, our brain try to handle things differently. Be relaxed during the examination and try to solve the paper with cool mind. 1. First prepare yourselves mentally for IIT JEE “The success is to be achieved”, keeping this in mind the aspirants must accept themselves as deserving candidates for JEE success because during preparation confidence plays an important role.FOR FULL MOTIVATIONAL ARTICLES ,PLS VISIT US AT: 2. Do continuous effort IIT JEE preparation requires continuous effort. Each subject must be given proper and regular time. Instead of preparing one subject for some days then other subjects, all the three subjects (Physics, Chemistry and (Mathematics) must be given time each day. It also helps in breaking monotony. 3. Have proper guidance
  2. 2. In today’s competitive era, proper guidance is needed for success. The pattern of JEE has become concept based completely. So you need clear and doubtless concepts in each and every topic, to achieve a good rank in IIT JEE. It is very important that the success of the student should entirely depends upon his perseverance and hard work rather than his luck and co-incidence. 4. Regular Study is Essential A student should do work hard for cracking the exam. Many of us try to do work hard for one or two days and then we stop preparing for the exam. As a result, we can not do well in the exams. So it is advisable to do regular study of high quality books. 5. Time Management Time management is the first key to success. A student should make a time schedule and stick on this time table. In this schedule, he should also include time for the entertainment because by doing so, you can get back your energy for study. NEED HELP IN TIME MANAGEMENT ,PLS VISIT US AT: 6. Course Material Today, there are many books are available in the market. So you should purchase the best books for study. You can also consult with your friends for the books who have already appeared in the exam. They will guide you which book is good for clearing the test.STUDY MATARIAL BY ATC MAY BE OF GREAT HELP!!! Important Topics For IIT-JEE-2011 FOR FULL IIT- JEE/AIEEE SYALLABUS ,PLS VISIT US AT: Choosing the right topics for maximum study is very important not only for clearing JEE but also for getting a high rank. Lots of topics in JEE syllabus require a huge lot of time, incomparable to that required by other topics. Spending too much time on these topics and ignoring other topics leads to drastic failure in rank.Lots of topics in JEE are very easy and are of NCERT level.The key to topping JEE is to maximize your scoring in these topics which boosts the rank. Many such topics require considerably less time and is much much less than the time required by certain other topics with proportionate marks.You should spend more time on these topics and try to earn full marks in such topics.I list a few of these topics: MODERN PHYSICS AND ELECTRONICS :most of the questions easy and similar to past JEE questions. WAVE OPTICS :most of the questions are similar to past JEE questions
  3. 3. INORGANIC CHEMISTRY AND GENERAL CHEMISTRY :most of the questions are of NCERT level and are simple. SOLID STATE :Most of the questions are very easy. PROBABILITY AND DIFFERENTIATION :most of the questions are simple and NCERT level. DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS :most of the questions are similar to past JEE questions. By spending legible time on these topics ,the scoring in JEE will be boosted and only will you clear JEE but also get a high rank.But beware , don't neglect there other topics. In topics like mechanics, electricity , physical chemistry and analytical geometry , if the concepts are clearly understood then many of the questions pertaining to these topics can be easily handled.My next topic discusses the marks and the rank which can be expected with those marks. BY ANURAG TYAGI SIR (ATS) ACADEMIC HEAD ANURAG TYAGI CLASSES FOR IIT-JEE/AIEEE/PMT EX. HOD (PHYSICS) JAIPURIA SCHOOL & RYAN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL NOTE: Mr. ANURAG TYAGI IS A WELL KNOWN PHYSICS FACULTY IN THE NCR/DELHI AREA.PRESENTLY HE IS WORKING AS ACADEMIC HEAD FOR ATC IIT/PMT WING.THIS ARTICLE HAS WRITTEN BY HIM ON THE SPECIAL REQUEST BY UP INFOTIMES. THE AUTHER MAY BE CONTACTED @ 09818777622. OR MEET HIM AT: mail: