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Technology Ventures: Commercial Assignment #2


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This is the commercial our team created for Assignment #2 - Selecting the "worst" idea from another team, at random, and producing a promotion surrounding the idea.

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Technology Ventures: Commercial Assignment #2

  1. 1. Treatment note: The whole film is aseries of close-ups of people in slowmotion with dramatic music.Film opens on a tight close-up of awomans eyes. As the camera zoomsout, we see her face in a helmet/visor.She gazes up with wonder in her eyes.
  2. 2. Cut to the next shot of another womanputting on gloves as if preparing for adangerous task.
  3. 3. Cut to another man putting on anelaborate, flamboyant and protectivepiece of headgear.
  4. 4. Cut to another person placing a maskover his head.
  5. 5. Cut to another woman now sporting fullprotective headgear. She looks silentlyinto camera as the camera pans aroundher, surveying her tightly.
  6. 6. Cut to a pensive looking man gazing offinto the distance also wearing aprotective mask.
  7. 7. Cut to a collage of people peeringthrough their masks at the camera, themusic is now reaching a crescendo.
  8. 8. Music stops. Dramatic silence ensues.
  9. 9. Male Voice Over:Now you are ready to buy our art.Self-Destructing ExplosivePaintingsVisit