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mLearn 2012 announcement


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mLearn 2012 announcement

  1. 1. mLearn Conference 2012 MOBILE LEARNING IN CONTEXT Helsinki, Finland 16-18 October 2012 Organisers:CICERO Learning Network at University of Helsinki CELSTEC, Open Universiteit Nederland
  2. 2. Conference organisersCICERO Learning Network at University of Helsinki CELSTEC, Open Universiteit Nederland
  3. 3. Conference Organising Committee ChairsProfessor Jari MultisiltaCICERO Learning NetworkUniversity of Helsinkijari.multisilta@helsinki.fiProfessor Mike SharplesInstitute of Educational TechnologyThe Open Marcus SpechtCELSTEC, Open
  4. 4. mLearn 2012 Conference VenueHelsinki Congress Paasitorni Paasivuorenkatu 5 A 00530 Helsinki
  5. 5. Conference Venue Paasitorni
  6. 6. Main Hall at Paasitorni
  7. 7. Restaurant Paasisali
  8. 8. Helsinki CongressPaasitorni / Scandichotel PaasiHotel CumulusHakaniemiHelsinki Hilton StrandUniversity ofHelsinki, Faculty ofBehavioural SciencesThe Central RailwayStation
  9. 9. Helsinki informationIn 2012 Helsinki celebrates the 200th anniversary of becoming the capital ofFinland. Here are a few tips on design, culture, science and sports in thecity.Helsinki is the World Design Capital in 2012 and other cultural events at the new Helsinki Music – A Journey into the Future exhibition at the Finnish Science Centre Finnish Ice Hockey league is one of the best in the worldTickets to games
  10. 10. Conference website to be published at in November 2011
  11. 11. We look forward to seeing you in Helsinki!