What is Mobile Blended Learning and How to Use It?


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Introduction to the mobile blended learning concept and how legacy LMSes can be used for designing and orchestrating mobile blended learning courses.

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What is Mobile Blended Learning and How to Use It?

  1. 1. What  is     Mobile  Blended  Learning     and  How  to  Use  It?   Dr.  Chris)an  Glahn   Interna)onal  Rela)ons  and  Security  Network   ETH  Zürich  
  2. 2. Blended  Learning  refers  to   educa)onal  concepts  that  combine   and  integrate  face-­‐to-­‐face  and  online   (web-­‐based)  learning  ac)vi)es  
  3. 3. Blended  Learning   Combined     approach  
  4. 4. Mobile  Blended  Learning  refers  to   educa)onal  concepts  that   integrate  special  mobile  learning   ac)vi)es  into  blended  or  non-­‐ blended  learning    
  5. 5. Mobile  Blended  Learning   Combined     approach  
  6. 6. Special  mobile  learning  ac)vi)es   mean  that  learners  perform   different  ac)ons  than  in     web-­‐based  LMSes!     her   n ot a st   an  ju e  LMS!   re  th  to  th Mo face ter  in
  7. 7. Mobile  blended  learning     sounds  complicated      wit But d  too  goo h sn’t   ls  it  i
  8. 8. The  basic  ingredients:     A  LMS  that  can  interact  with  a   mobile  app   and     ent   We  w ou!      for  y uilt  it b
  9. 9. Meet  the  ISN  Mobile  App   Mobler  Cards   r  free!   Fo Open  Sourc e  
  10. 10. Mobler  Cards’                  Micro  Learning  Loop   roids   g  on  ste  learnin ywhere )me-­‐an Any  
  11. 11. Micro  Learning:          15  Seconds  Learning  Ac)vi)es   c)on   Intera Objec)ve   Feedback   mmediate   I
  12. 12. Mobler  Cards’  Learning  Analy)cs:          Gamifica)on,  Badges,  and  Sta)s)cs   Mo) va)o n     Supp ort   Glahn,  C.  (2009).  Contextual  support  of     social  engagement  and  reflec7on  on  the  Web.       on     gula) lf-­‐re Se port   Sup
  13. 13. Mobler  Cards’                  Hidden  Features   •  •  •  •  •  •  Seamless  LMS  integra)on   Device  synchroniza)on   100%  Pla^orm  and  device  agnos)c  UI   Automa)c  personaliza)on   Mul)-­‐LMS  Support   Full  offline  support  
  14. 14. Mobler  Cards’                  Hidden  Features   •  Seamless  LMS  integra4on   •  •  •  •  •  Device  synchroniza)on   100%  Pla^orm  and  device  agnos)c  UI   Automa)c  personaliza)on   Mul)-­‐LMS  Support   Full  offline  support  
  15. 15. Seamless  LMS  integra4on   is  the  key  to     Mobile  Blended  Learning  
  16. 16. The  Power  of  Modern  LMSes   •  Course  management   •  Student  management   •  Content  management   •  Course  and  content  authoring   ower     ts  this  p s  diver ler  Card ents’  mobiles   Mob the  stud to  
  17. 17. Leverage  the  power  of  modern   LMSes  for  new  mobile  learning   ac)vi)es!   vi)es     ing  ac)  to  learn by  a  LMS   ”  refers ported   “ New e  unsup that  ar
  18. 18. Mobler  Cards  reuses  the     ques)on-­‐pool  func)on  of   a  student’s  LMS   S  QTI   nds  IM ards  be rability   obler  C M erope reat  int for  g
  19. 19. Mobler  Cards  respects  the     course  management  rules   of  a  student’s  LMS     •  Several  ques)on  pools  in  a  course   blend  into  a  single  learning  experience   •  Mobler  Cards  provides  only  the   material  to  a  learner  that  is  available   during  access  )me  
  20. 20. Mobler  Cards  respects  the     course  management  rules   of  a  student’s  LMS     •  Several  ques)on  pools  in  a  course   blend  into  a  single  learning  experience   •  Mobler  Cards  provides  only  the   material  to  a  learner  that  is  available  ffects  for     l  side  e during  access  )me   as  powerfu rning   This  h nded  lea bile  ble mo
  21. 21. Powerful  Side  Effects   •  Mul)ple  ques)on  pools  can  be  arranged  and   sequenced  just  like  any  other  course  material   •  Ques)on  pools  can  be  assigned  to  different  user   groups  in  a  course   •  Learners  always  experience  an     integrated  course  instead  of  separated  material  
  22. 22. 6  Ideas  for  Mobile  Blended  Learning   with  Mobler  Cards   1.  2.  3.  4.  5.  6.  Course  prepara)on   Homework  for  face-­‐to-­‐face  classes   Flipped  classroom   Group  ac)vi)es   Audience-­‐specific  assignments   Exercises  for  online  courses  and  MOOCs   Glahn,  C.  (2013).  6  Ideas  for  using  micro  learning     in  your  classes.  hjp://bit.ly/13rNcTy  
  23. 23. 3  Primary  Learning  Design  Approaches   for  LMS-­‐driven  Content  Sequencing   •  Time-­‐centered  approaches   •  Par)cipant-­‐centered  approaches   •  Process-­‐centered  approaches   Content  ava ilability  is     defined  in  t he  LMS   No   eded ols  ne o xtra  t  e
  24. 24. Time-­‐centered  Approaches  to   Content  Sequencing   ity  is     ailabil tent  av  )me   Co n te  and d  by  da define Teachers   can  also  m anually   ac)vate  th e  course  m aterial  
  25. 25. Course  prepara)on   A  que s)on   un)l  t pool  i he  ma s  open in  cou   rse  sta rts   Lorem ipsum … Lorem   ipsum  …  
  26. 26. Homework  for  face-­‐to-­‐face  classes   m ipsum … Lorem ipsum … Every  week  a  new  ques)on  pool   replaces  the  old   ones   Lorem ipsum …
  27. 27. Flipped  Classroom     Lorem ipsum … Lorem ipsum … Amer  eve ry  session  new  exe are  ac)va rcises   ted  that  a re  discus during  th sed   e  next  se ssion   Lorem ipsum …
  28. 28. Par4cipant-­‐centered  Approaches  to   Content  Sequencing   d ility  is     availab ntent   oups   Co  and  gr r  users ned  fo efi
  29. 29. Group  ac)vi)es   Each  par)cip ant  gets  spec ific   exercises,  the  group  synthe sizes   the  knowledg e  
  30. 30. General  exercises   are  available  to  all   Audience-­‐specific     Assignments   Lorem ipsum … Lorem ipsum … Online   Test   Special  professional     learning  needs     Special  exercises  are   available  to  one  group  
  31. 31. Process-­‐centered  Approaches  to   Content  Sequencing   ed   is  defin ability   t  avail vi)es   onten C us  ac)  previo by
  32. 32. Exercises  for  online  courses  and  MOOCs   C.2   E.1+2+3+4   E.1+2+3   E.1+2   E.1   C.1   C.3   More  e xercise s  becom with  ev e  availa ery  com ble   pleted   chapte r   C.4   TEST  
  33. 33. First  Mobler  Cards  Courses     Par)cipant-­‐centered   •  Military  English     mobile  blended  learning      (with  PfPC  ADL  WG)     •  Building  defense  organiza)ons        (PfPC  Online  course)   Process-­‐centered   •  Introduc)on  to  NATO     mobile  blended  learning      (with  NATO  School)   •  ABC  of  Diplomacy      (with  Swiss  Ministry  of  Foreign  Affairs)  
  34. 34. Everything  is  managed  via  the  LMS                        Try  it  yourself!   PfP  LMS  at  the  ISN  Zürich   •  Authoring  system  (for  trials)   –  hjp://hornet.ethz.ch/scorm_editor/     Create  your  test  account  for  free!  
  35. 35. Get  in  touch  for  bringing  Mobler  Cards  to  your  LMS   Dr.  ChrisDan  Glahn   hjp://www.isn.ethz.ch         @phish108   slidesha.re/phish108   lo-­‐f.at/glahn   IAMLearn.org   The   presented   research   has   been   par)ally   funded   by   the   ADL   Co-­‐Lab   and   awarded   by   the   Office   of   Naval   Research   Global   (ONRG)   under   the   grant  no.  N62909-­‐12-­‐1-­‐7022