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Communication Workshop: Issues and challenges in decision-making


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Published in: Education
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Communication Workshop: Issues and challenges in decision-making

  1. 1. Issues and challenges in the decision-making process Communication Workshop
  2. 2. Why don’t policy-makers use our data?• Health data is often inaccessible, indigestible and obscure• Unresponsive to the immediate needs of policy- makers• By the time health data is published it is out of date• Information is "lost in translation" because it is not directed to policy-makers in formats they can understand and use• Don’t want to use data/evidence due to political considerations
  3. 3. Understanding the ‘know-do’ gapPeople with the ability and authority to useinformation either:1. Don’t know2. Don’t understand3. Don’t care4. Don’t agree Knowledge Translation Toolkit
  4. 4. What we would like decision-making to look like... Decision madeProblem is Evidence is based onidentified gathered evidence
  5. 5. The realitySource: Knowledge Translation Toolkit
  6. 6. Discussion 5 minutes Who influences your Ministry of Health?Are their messages likely to support or oppose yours?
  7. 7. Influence mapping Primary Secondary Tertiary Govt. departments Associations and lobbies AdvisorsDecision- and General opinion public maker leaders Beliefs Media
  8. 8. The policy pie Good ideas The media Electoral cycle Cultural beliefsAcademic research Policy briefs Other countries Experience Lobbyists Resources Habits and tradition Values
  9. 9. Group work 45 minutes• Information needed to make a decision – Imagine you are the Minister of Health • You are about to attend your next budget meeting and need information about the main health issues/challenges • Use the Report provided to help prepare your meeting notes – Imagine you are an external consultant • Review the quality of the Report provided to help prepare recommendations for improvement