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Alliance Line Card February 2012


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Alliance Line Card February 2012

  1. 1. Calibration Services:Oscilloscope Process &FrequencyTime TestRPMData loggersRecordersElectrical testersMultimetersHigh VoltagePressure/VacuumFlowTemperatureAnemometry Standard 5 day turnaround.Additional Calibration Services: On– SiteOven Uniformity Calibration available.Oven MappingWeldersPower SuppliesPanel MetersHumidityCapacitanceVolts 11402 Reading RoadCurrent Cincinnati, OH 45241Resistance Phone: 513-769-1200Thermocouples Fax: 513-769-3285Load Cells E-mail: info@alliancecalibration.comTensile Testers Dont settle for a compliant calibration- we are ISO 17025 accredited!
  2. 2. Calibration Services: 11402 Reading Road Cincinnati, OH 45241Gage Blocks Phone: 513-769-1200IndicatorsMicrometers Fax: 513-769-3285 E-mail: Mechanical &Masters and StandardsThread/Plain Rings DimensionalThread/Plain PlugsHeight GagesRadius GagesCalipersPin Gages Standard 5 day turnaround.Hardness Testers Rush Service Available.Steel RulesMeasuring Tapes On– SiteAdditional Calibration Services: Calibration available.TorqueForceLoad CellsScales/BalancesCMM CalibrationOptical Comparator CalibrationSurface Plate Calibration& resurfacing Inspection ServicesPipettes • First Article InspectionSpline gages • Prototype Dont settle for a comp lian t calib ration- we are ISO 17 025 accredited!Levels • Blue Print reading capabilitiesProtractors • Full Dimensional layout • Reverse Engineering • 2 Dimensional Drafting capabilities