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SEA 2011


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Published in: Technology, Business
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SEA 2011

  1. 1. Luke Robert MasonResearch Director, Philter Phactory@lukerobertmason@weavrs
  2. 2. InfomorphologyBeing Human in the Information Age
  3. 3. 1931
  4. 4. Harry Beck
  5. 5. Online Social Network
  6. 6. ASLAge / Sex / Location
  7. 7. The EyePhoneThe Future is not what it used to be
  8. 8. First, electronic sensors got smaller and better. Second, peoplestarted carrying powerful computing devices, typicallydisguised as mobile phones. Third, social media made it seemnormal to share everything. And fourth, we began to get aninkling of the rise of a global superintelligence known as thecloud.The Data-Driven Life - The New York Times Magazine
  9. 9. The Unexamined life is not worth living.Socrates
  10. 10. I Share Therefore I AmSherry Turkle
  11. 11. Feltron Report
  12. 12. The growth of the external memory system hasnow so far outpaced biological memory that it is noexaggeration to say that we are permanentlywedded to our great invention, in a cognitivesymbiosis unique in nature.Merlin Donald
  13. 13. "Its not who you share with,’ its whoyou share as.”Chris Poole, 4Chan Founder (2011)
  14. 14. MySpace Angle
  15. 15. Authenticity
  16. 16. “I think anonymity on the Internet has togo away.”Randi Zuckerberg, Facebook
  17. 17. Information Control
  18. 18. Concealment
  19. 19. Distortion1)  Exaggeration2)  Lying
  20. 20. Cyber-Identities
  21. 21. "Media lets you clone pieces of yourself and send them outinto the world to have conversations on your behalf. Evenwhile you’re sleeping, your media —your books, your blogposts, your tweets—is on the march. It’s out there trying tomaking connections. Mostly it’s failing, but that’s okay: thesedays, copies are cheap.”Robin Sloan, Kanye West: Media Cyborg (2010)
  22. 22. Information
  23. 23. Weavrs
  24. 24. Darth Weavr
  25. 25. “Im feeding my own persona into the Weavrs system andmapping out my own personal history. The Weavrs post, tweet,listen to music, check in to places and learn new skills. Imcurrently running a series of 40 year old versions of myself thatlive in Munich”Marcus Brown, Army of Me
  26. 26. Skeuomorph
  27. 27. Computer Wins on Jeopardy! Trivial,It’s Not.John Markoff - New York Times, February 16, 2011 In Case You Wondered, a Real Human Wrote This Column Steve Lohr - New York Times, September 10, 2011Siri, Can You Hear me?Sam Grobart - New York Times, October 13, 2011
  28. 28. 1.  We Turn Our (Life) Narratives into Data.2.  Weavrs turn our Data Into Narratives.
  29. 29. What does it mean when Identity becomes Information?
  30. 30. Thank you! @weavrs