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Next2012 weavrs - bausola

  1. 1. Hello!David Bausola | @zeroinfluencer
  2. 2. Well Done Everyone Robots Fabbing Web2.9 iCommerceNew Aesthetic..
  3. 3. “If the New Aestheticwas a movie, Weavrswould be the extras.”@jeffk
  4. 4. humans 49% 51%non-humans
  5. 5. No “Programming” Required
  6. 6. @Darth_Weavr
  7. 7. Weavrs Strolling Prosthetic
  8. 8. Empathise with ReTweets
  9. 9. Weavrs Projects & Prosthetic Studios
  10. 10. Weavrs APIRead & Write to Weavrs Activity StreamsDemo Apps Docs
  11. 11. #Digividuals
  12. 12. Every day the same schedule Every day similar results
  13. 13. Jabberwocky Tweedle Dee and Dum Pigeon “Probable atemporality” +
  14. 14. #ElfLove
  15. 15. “I’m constantly aware that @jon_ronson is out there, Tweeting.” Jon Ronson, Film maker.
  16. 16. DreamsNull Aesthetic Vomit
  17. 17. Sloganeering
  18. 18. Recently, I was listening to the post-punk band The Cure so I decided to write a quick review.A band who require no support tonight, who pushed this venue to near over-capacityand, before they’ve even played a note, own the room through anticipation aloneOf course this glistening mood is soon shattered by some beast calledDisintegration a squelching nightmare of broken glass and chantsTo say this record is a collage of its predecessors would undermine the inventionbehind it, and while there are reference points (most clearly Love and Rockets, theyare mostly dispossessed of their origins through the bands dcoupage of themIts based around a young farmer named Lewis a wilful chap filled with wanderlustand a penchant for ultraviolence, as on Lullaby “I took the no-face by his beak andbroke his jaw/Hell never speak again, sung over what sounds like a Disney score.”With an idiosyncratic, wistful, poppy melody redolent of miserable overcastheartbreak, its odd glitchy rhythms and glockenspiel breakdowns are weirdly post-punky, like Electrelane lost in bassOverall though, the first thing this reminds you of is peerless A Forest in its easycombo of weighty classicism and a sparkling freshness.
  19. 19. #BotStep
  20. 20. #Whistling
  21. 21. #Ponder
  22. 22. One day old Weavr
  23. 23. 15 day old Weavr
  24. 24. 30 day old Weavr
  25. 25. Infomorphs “Info-Being” Charles Platt, Silicon Man, 1991Alexander Chislenko, Networking in the Mind Age, 1996
  26. 26. Joshua Davies
  27. 27. Muybridge
  28. 28. Evan Ackerman
  29. 29. 1. No mouse? It’s broken!2. It’s not filter failure. It’s a data consumption problem!
  30. 30. “Unproducts” as ever curious “info-consumers”.
  31. 31. #Spine
  32. 32. Thank you every one and every thing.David Bausola | @zeroinfluencer |