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Content Marketing Strategy - Steps To Success


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What is the best way to build a successful content marketing strategy. What are the required steps to ensure success.

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Content Marketing Strategy - Steps To Success

  1. 1. Build A Content Marketing Strategy
  2. 2. Fail To Plan Then Plan To Fail Without a solid content marketing strategy and plan any inbound or content marketing process is destined to fail. Why plan? • Content marketing is resource intensive. • A lack of focus dissipates effort and wastes time and money. • Avoid blind alleys and shiny new objects. • A reference to refer back to. • It’s a marathon not a sprint – A step at a time – Avoid tangents • Monitor results and check progress
  3. 3. The Planning Process The steps to take to build a sound content marketing strategy and plan are, in principle, no different to the long established standard marketing planning process • Establish the required outcome. • Analysis • Review analysis and build scenarios • Select a scenario and define objectives • Build strategies to achieve those objectives • Break down those strategies and build a plan
  4. 4. Establish The Required Outcome Must come from senior management. • What does the business wish to achieve – where is it headed • What are they key numbers – what represents success • What are the timescales • What resources are available and when • What is the role of inbound (content) marketing
  5. 5. Analysis Analysis is the foundation upon which any successful content marketing plan is built • Where is the business now – its markets, its customers, the numbers • How did it get there • Define the customer base and segments • Why do customers buy – what are the drivers • Product / service range analysis – Stars and Dogs – And why • Organisational / operational strengths / weaknesses • The competition
  6. 6. Scenarios A Where the business Is now B Where the business Would like to be How To Get From A to B Limited By Available Resources Possible Routes = Scenarios Make A Choice WARNING : The Wrong Choice Can Be A Disaster In The Medium To Long Term Limited By Results Of Analysis
  7. 7. Marketing Objectives With The Route Established Set Way Markers (Objectives) Define The Objective – And Numbers Define How The Objective Fits With The Route Chosen Define The Timescales
  8. 8. Strategy And Planning Strategies Are The Way In Which An Objective Will Be Achieved • The Detail • The How • What Are The Elements Build Those Many Elements Into A Plan With Timescales And Outcomes
  9. 9. Conclusion The content marketing strategy and plan therefore delivers focus, timescales and required outcomes. Without a plan it is all too easy to drift, deliver content that is not appropriate to the task, on an ad hoc basis and fail as a result.
  10. 10. Resources Content Marketing Strategy – An Overview - Content Strategy What is content marketing? – A complete guide - What is content marketing CIM marketing strategy and planning overview - Chartered Institute of Marketing Get In Touch Striga Consulting Contact Phil Smith – Chartered Marketer, MCIM Tel : 01670513378 Email :