Overcoming friction in web based sales


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What to do when your customers won’t buy. Real life learning’s from Caelen King, CEO of RevaHealth.com

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Overcoming friction in web based sales

  1. 1. Overcoming Friction in Caelen King, CEO RevaHealth.com Web Based Sales
  2. 2. Who am I? • CEO & Founder of RevaHealth.com • VP Product at NewBay Software • Product Marketing Manager for Baltimore Technology's flagship product line - UniCERT
  3. 3. Let's Make a Money Making Machine • Create a network where consumers and suppliers come together • Take a small % of the transaction in some way or another • It's the classic Internet 'Create a Billionaire' model • We were going to do it for healthcare • Dream dream dream ...
  4. 4. It Didn't Work Out
  5. 5. Why? • Our customers wouldn't buy from us • They weren't used to buying marketing • In fact they didn't buy anything online
  6. 6. Examples of Friction Online Company Action Friction Resolution Book meeting I wanted to see the Booked direct with MeetingsBooker Room room hotel Register Domain Sale delayed by 4 Black Knight Difficult to use Names days Used Escrow 3rd Party Domain Names Lack of Trust Service Twitter Reply to message Unavailable None Called and got 123.ie Buy car insurance Price better price Not used to buy Mick's Garage Buy Roof rack Called to finalise car parts online
  7. 7. How do you overcome Friction? • Remove it • Increase desire • Rearrange the friction so it doesn't interfere with maximum desire • Add lubricant
  8. 8. Your Sales Team is The Lubricant
  9. 9. You can't lubricate everything • You could send someone out to their office to answer their every question • But it is very, very expensive • You don't put oil over your entire bicycle - you only put it on the bits that need it
  10. 10. Strategy • Recognise the friction points • Recognise the customer point of maximum desire • You need to know when they happen and be able to apply lubrication immediately
  11. 11. Potential Customer Life Line - Where to add the lube?
  12. 12. Potential Customer Life Line - Where to add the lube?
  13. 13. Good Enough can be Better • This is still clumsy • It doesn't capture the moment of peak desire • The moment when the clinic books a patient • Solution give them a CRM tool and let them tell you when they book a patient
  14. 14. Existing Customer Life Cycle • Now you have an established purchase method • Friction point is every renewal • Desire to overcome problem is low because investment is low • Solution - If using a sales force as lubricant do annual / large sales
  15. 15. So I need Highrise? • Auto generate tasks when tigger points in the web application are hit • Use an API to put them into a contact management system • WRONG
  16. 16. Full Scale CRM
  17. 17. Problems with a 3rd Party CRM • Difficult to keep the databases in sync • Once the sales team don't trust the data it's worse than useless • Always either too heavy weight and or too lightweight • For companies who's website is their customer database you should consider BYO
  18. 18. Conclusions • Ideally remove & rearrange friction and increase desire so sales can be automated • If not possible then use a sales force • Effective use of sales force depends on timing • Automate the recognition of trigger points and give the customer the ability to tell you when they are ready to purchase • Create auditable tasks and reconciles against revenues • In the same way that online marketing is metrics driven so should your sales force
  19. 19. Thank you for Listening Slides are @ blog.revahealth.com @revahealth cking@revahealth.com