Tumblr Tutorial


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Tumblr Tutorial

  1. 1. Tumblr TutorialPHIL 139 - Technologies of Selftechnologies-of-self.tumblr.com
  2. 2. What is Tumblr?A quick, easy way topost and sharemultimedia contentThink: combination ofblogging and TwitterBrief, frequent postsImage-heavy
  3. 3. Why Tumblr for this class?Connect course material to what youencounter outside the classroomProvide writing promptsA place to post content that doesn’tquite fit in the course blog, but is stillrelated to the class discussion
  4. 4. Logging inhttp://tumblr.com/loginUsername: Info on course site (link)Password: Info on course site (link)
  5. 5. Posting ContentTumblr supports these content typesClick on any to add/edit/publish
  6. 6. Tips for posting to Tumblr Photos, video, and audio are popular If you’re posting text, keep it concise. There’s a“read more” feature that keeps text fromdominating space Links are appreciated. Remember to cite sourcesif possible
  7. 7. When posting... If you would like to attribute text to a website Tags help to sort/search content
  8. 8. Ways to post Browser Mobile
  9. 9. Tumblr Examples Mixing images and text (click to visit)dearphotograph.com quotevadis.com