The Building Blocks of Great Video


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Phil's slidedeck from SearchLove London 2012, exploring how SEO's should approach video as a marketing medium

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  • This is HowardKnown him 2 weeksCommented on one of my SEOmoz posts.
  • Kurtz and BlumLawyers in Raleigh, NCNot one of my clients. Guy who commented on one of my blog posts.
  • When I joined Distilled – this is what I got.When I joined Distilled in 2011 – I was given this and told to edit some videosNeed a strong, story lead beginning that builds Ethos too. Maybe Distilled story?Explain about What my goals were:How the production fits with the technical – most of the advice out there compeltely ignores how your content affects the SEO.Also – stuff you can do. SEO’s fit into the world of video.Wrap that around my story.. From wat I’ve learnt.SEO has a real role in vidoe – but ti’s this. Explain how you appraoch stuff.Not surprising because….
  • Spent £2K on this.
  • You aren’t the ones doing productionYou aren’t the ones coming up with the ideaYou are the ones working these guys to make sure you see real tangible benefit from the content.Basic video SEO stuff actually really simple. am starting with a question. And I think it’s an important one. There are loads of blog posts out there telling you some neetthigns you can do with video, how to get rich snippets, - but, none of that is all that complicated and what is lacking is a real understanding about What a Video SEO strategy looks like. And, I think that’s to be expectedI think there’s 3 issues facing us at the moment, when it comes to video.There is general confustion about where Video fits in the world of SEO and search marekting.
  • Noone knows when they should do itHow much it costsHow to create itNot technical knowledge Gap, but a knowledge gap in working out what to do where.
  • That’s like saying “text on your site is great content”.
  • Make a video if that’s the right format
  • Some performative elements here too – If you aren’t a good public speaker, don’t turn great blog posts into videos for the sake of it. Play to your strengthsDon’t just need video, need good video.
  • Video gives you a presence on YouTube (and vimeo)It’s a way to promote products and servicesThe goal is to “Go Viral”
  • Dollar Shave Club Example
  • ImprovingCOnversions
  • Content that you’re using to improve conversions, you want rich snippets. for
  • Gallery Pages are fine as a supplement, but are not an alternativeMartha Stewart Example?
  • Host on own server. User one of theseDon’t make it publicHacks to make YouTube videos rank for your site, but they only work when the videos aren’t that popular on YouTube.If the videos aren’t doing well on YouTube – why are they on there anyway?Pick one – use Wistia, they get SEO and have a free package.Rich Snippets for your site only.Referrals to your site only.
  • HD video Ranks betterDon’t want to destroy your bandwidth
  • If you’re self hosting – you need to embed the content using the HTML5 <video> tag.With flash fallback. – Anyone using IE7. Or use a player skin – this one is my favourite.
  • Don’t use Iframe Option – Wistia – use SEO andvimeo use “old embed code”.More information on Hosting Post – Created in April but the advice still stands
  • Main thing you need to do to get a video rankingCan include within main sitemap or create a new one
  • Slow down here.Built one – allow you to input the data and it will built you a suitable sitemap
  • Mention.
  • User’s who have made it to your site…Are interested in your productNeed concerns/barriers dealt withWant to know the story behind the productDon’t need to be sold the conceptSpeak directly to the real-world concerns of your audience, not your brand guidelines.
  • Speak to the concerns and questions of the audienceExplain the virtues and vices of the product in plain English Don’t hard sell the product.DON’T FUCKING LABOUR IT.
  • User who views a video on Appliances Online.
  • Unique content on product pagesSpeechPad to do it cheaply.
  • Will allow you to rank for kIf you don’t want users to see it, hide it behind a tab with CSS.ey phrases in the transcript and dominate the long tail
  • Add images of area you need people to click to convert vs the product page
  • Sorry guys, Ibigged you up, now I’m gonna slap you downLook how much traffic you’re leakingI know the argument is that this provides value – but would this traffic not be better driven back to your own site?
  • It’s also an Ad network, but the main value you get from ads, again, is brand awareness.You need to be treating it like a social platform as much as a search engines
  • Search “Tutorial” on YouTube – it’s all makeupHow to tie a tie – 11 million views
  • Primary keyword, secondary keyword brand.Caption Tube
  • Get people to watch to the endReedit to tweak any bad things.Anything tanking – get it off your channel
  • Views are a meaningless and innaccurate metric – but luckily for us, no-one else knows that.More eyes on your channel will encourage more organic subscribersHomepage takeovers – still relatively cheap for the reach. Paid views increase the overall metrics and make videos feel more authoritativeRun ads and get a lot more subscribers – bots, but it looks good.Won’t help you rank, but will make it look better.YouTube advertising – not The kidna views on fivver.
  • Don’t worry about duplicating content, just get it out to any relevant social sharing sites.
  • Don’t be silly with this – Anchor text, link to the page with video.
  • Not great for YouTUbe,Very few people doing this = opportunityexceptt…
  • Ask them to bed your better HD version
  • Can I do everything at once?
  • The kind of content you use to achieve brand awareness on YouTube is NOT the kind of thing that will help conversions on your own site. Each goal requires unique targeting as well as unique technical points
  • If you want sales, conversions & traffic – Don’t. “If you don’t have a presence on YouTube, do you really have an SEO Strategy?”
  • No - Video all the thingsYes – Most Interesting Man
  • S
  • S
  • The Building Blocks of Great Video

    1. 1. PHIL NOTTINGHAM SEO Consultant, Distilled @philnottingham
    2. 2. A Real Case Study 196 Pages Domain Authority – 31 Average visits Per Month - 2700http://www.kurtzandblum.comPHIL NOTTINGHAM | @philnottingham
    3. 3. Cost: $4000 ($75 per video)PHIL NOTTINGHAM |@philnottingham
    4. 4. July 2012…Created and hosted 53 videoson his sitePHIL NOTTINGHAM | @philnottingham
    5. 5. August 2012…51/53 ranking with richsnippetsPHIL NOTTINGHAM | @philnottingham
    6. 6. September 2012…Organic traffic up by 14%PHIL NOTTINGHAM | @philnottingham
    7. 7. Moves from to 7th 4 for head thterm (with no other link building work)PHL NOTTINGHAM | @philnottingham
    8. 8. Increase in both telephonetraffic and sales.PHIL NOTTINGHAM | @philnottingham
    9. 9. The Building Blocks ofGreat VideoPHIL NOTTINGHAM
    10. 10. Phil’s First Day at Distilled
    11. 11. Phil’s second week at Distilled
    12. 12. Distilled CircaOctober 2012
    13. 13. Where does video fit in the worldof SEO
    14. 14. Two main problems
    15. 15. Problem 1:
    16. 16. Video = Great Content …Right?PHIL NOTTINGHAM | @philnottingham
    17. 17. So... Form Video = Great Content …Right?PHIL NOTTINGHAM | @philnottingham
    18. 18. Common Practice (This Sucks) We need to do Video What can we do a video about? Make video
    19. 19. Good Practice We need more content to improve X What’s the best format for that? Make Video
    20. 20. Would this content losesomething if it were just textand image?PHIL NOTTINGHAM | @philnottingham
    21. 21. Problem 2:
    22. 22. How most Marketers see Video
    23. 23. Video is about much more than viralPHIL NOTTINGHAM | @philnottingham
    24. 24. Drive more traffic from search Click Through Rate ++ NOTTINGHAM | @philnottingham
    25. 25. Embed the video on the page you want to rankPHIL NOTTINGHAM | @philnottingham
    26. 26. Host on your own server or withone of these providers NOTTINGHAM | @philnottingham
    27. 27. High quality video withoutdraining your bandwidth Setting Value Codec h.264 Frame Size 1280x 720 Pixel Aspect Square Bit Rate 2014kbps Audio ACC/MP3 at 320kbpsPHIL NOTTINGHAM | @philnottingham
    28. 28. HTML5 player with Flash Fallback NOTTINGHAM | @philnottingham
    29. 29. Don’t use the iframe option NOTTINGHAM | @philnottingham
    30. 30. Video XML Sitemaps • Provide Google with video metadata • Define the video image thumbnail • Link to on-site profiles NOTTINGHAM | @philnottingham
    31. 31. NOTTINGHAM @philnottingham
    32. 32. Can also get videos indexed withSchema NOTTINGHAM @philnottingham
    33. 33. A user who watches anAppliances Online video…PHIL NOTTINGHAM | @philnottingham
    34. 34. Twice as likely to convertPHIL NOTTINGHAM | @philnottingham
    35. 35. Spends 9.1% more moneyPHIL NOTTINGHAM | @philnottingham
    36. 36. £339 £369PHIL NOTTINGHAM | @philnottingham
    37. 37. Bridge the gap between InitialInterest and conversion.PHIL NOTTINGHAM | @philnottingham
    38. 38. Empathy, Hard facts.PHIL NOTTINGHAM | @philnottingham
    39. 39. “That video looks expensive…”PHIL NOTTINGHAM | @philnottingham
    40. 40. Include transcriptions on the page
    41. 41. Provide unique and relevanttext for product pages.PHIL NOTTINGHAM | @philnottingham
    42. 42. Don’t put “conversion”video on YouTube• Cannibalises rankings for your own site.• Hard to convert from YouTube• Can devalue Your YouTube channelPHIL NOTTINGHAM | @philnottingham
    43. 43. Appliances Online…what’s going on?PHIL NOTTINGHAM | @philnottingham
    44. 44. “So….YouTube Sucks for SEO?!”PHIL NOTTINGHAM | @philnottingham
    45. 45. What…?
    46. 46. YouTube is the world’s second biggestSearch EnginePHIL NOTTINGHAM | @philnottingham
    47. 47. If you don’t have a presencethere, do you really have anSEO strategy?PHIL NOTTINGHAM | @philnottingham
    48. 48. YouTube is like Inbound TVPHIL NOTTINGHAM | @philnottingham
    49. 49. A Creative Story –Attached to your brandPHIL NOTTINGHAM | @philnottingham
    50. 50. Tutorials also work well NOTTINGHAM | @philnottingham
    51. 51. YouTube Keyword Tool NOTTINGHAM | @philnottingham
    52. 52. YouTube Optimisation 101• Include keywords in the file name• Include a Closed Caption (transcript) file *cough* keyword stuffed *cough*• Optimise Title, Description and “Tags” as per traditional SEO• Include naked URL link in meta description• Get links, views and shares NOTTINGHAM | @philnottingham
    53. 53. Measure user engagement,not views NOTTINGHAM | @philnottingham
    54. 54. Failure looks like… TL:DWPHIL NOTTINGHAM | @philnottingham
    55. 55. Lower bounce rate:• Keep stings/indents short• Focus on quality of audio• Get straight to the meat and potatoesPHIL NOTTINGHAM | @philnottingham
    56. 56. Quick route to social proof 33,000 views For £2150 (Avg. CPV = 7p)PHIL NOTTINGHAM | @philnottingham
    57. 57. Also put it everywherePHIL NOTTINGHAM | @philnottingham
    58. 58. Encode Settings for YouTubeSetting ValueCodec h.264Frame Size 1920x1080Bit Rate UnrestrictedAudio ACC/MP3 at 256kbpsPHIL NOTTINGHAM | @philnottingham
    59. 59. How and when do peoplelink to Video?Embed Content Link to Pages• Only when it’s directly valuable • When it’s a good resource to their audience • When it’s entertaining • When it’s informational.PHIL NOTTINGHAM | @philnottingham
    60. 60. Video as part of a page type114 linkingroot domains NOTTINGHAM | @philnottingham
    61. 61. New Integrations ofHTML5 and JQuery NOTTINGHAM | @philnottingham
    62. 62. Make sure links only go toyour site, not hosting platform Video on owner’s domain: • 9494 links from 248 Domains Video on • 4,879 links from 515 domains NOTTINGHAM | @philnottingham
    63. 63. Restrict visibility on hosting domain PHIL NOTTINGHAM | @philnottingham
    64. 64. Add custom embed code on page. NOTTINGHAM | @philnottingham
    65. 65. Exception to the rule –Custom YouTube Playlists NOTTINGHAM | @philnottingham
    66. 66. NOTTINGHAM | @philnottingham
    67. 67. FAQ
    68. 68. “I self-hosted and submitted avideo sitemap but my videosaren’t indexed yet. Whatshould I do?”PHIL NOTTINGHAM | @philnottingham
    69. 69. ““Phil, I think I’ve made a mistake.Ive done loads of videos on YouTube & peoplehave embedded them, but I have no links asthey all link back to YouTube….”PHIL NOTTINGHAM | @philnottingham
    70. 70. Pro Tip – Outreach to everyonewho embedded your YouTubeVersion and ask them for a linkPHIL NOTTINGHAM | @philnottingham
    71. 71. “I want rich snippets, links andmy video on YouTube. Can I doall the approaches?”PHIL NOTTINGHAM | @philnottingham
    72. 72. Yes…But you need contentsuitable for that AND you’lldilute all of the return.PHIL NOTTINGHAM | @philnottingham
    73. 73. Inappropriate content/ Outranked by YouTube for some keywords Some LinksInappropriate Point tocontent YouTube
    74. 74. If you want traffic &conversions to your site,Host the content securelyPHIL NOTTINGHAM | @philnottingham
    75. 75. If you want a video to beseen, Put it on YouTube (andVimeo etc).PHIL NOTTINGHAM | @philnottingham
    76. 76. If you want everything, createmore contentPHIL NOTTINGHAM | @philnottingham
    77. 77. No
    78. 78. Yes
    79. 79. Resources
    80. 80. Sourcing Performers•••••• PHIL NOTTINGHAM | @philnottingham
    81. 81. Sourcing Production Talent••••••••• PHIL NOTTINGHAM | @philnottingham
    82. 82. Places to learn video production••••••• http://finalcutking.comPHIL NOTTINGHAM | @philnottingham
    83. 83. More information on building a videostrategy NOTTINGHAM | @philnottingham
    84. 84. Or just buy me a drink… Questions?! PHIL NOTTINGHAM SEO Consultant, Distilled @philnottingham