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Big Brand Video Advertising on a Small Business Budget


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In this talk, first performed at BrightonSEO 2019, Phil breaks down the problems with the way most big brands are approaching video advertising and offers some advice for how small businesses can gain a competitive advantage by being more strategic in their measurement, their processes and their creative direction.

Published in: Marketing
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Big Brand Video Advertising on a Small Business Budget

  2. 2. First, a problem…
  3. 3. This is what most big brands are doing…
  4. 4. It starts with non-strategic creative planning
  5. 5. In rooms like this
  6. 6. “We need to increase awareness of our offering in the market” CMO OF A BIG COMPANY
  7. 7. A big advertising campaign is the assumed, unchallenged answer
  8. 8. “I’ll call Shoreditch” MARKETING DIRECTOR
  9. 9. “We want consumers to know that we’re faster, better and cheaper than everyone else” CLIENT MARKETING DIRECTOR “How about we do a thing where dogs play chess?” AGENCY CREATIVE DIRECTOR “Perfect. Our Budget is £1M.” CLIENT MARKETING DIRECTOR
  10. 10. • Fluffiest Dogs • Most Attractive Actors • Professional Crew • Best Cameras • Grading • Custom Musical Score Arbitrary Budget Allocation • Every Available Channel • Every Available Targeting • Every Available Format • Creative agency do this for free as part of pitch
  11. 11. The implicit aim is to get the best looking video in front of as many people as possible
  12. 12. On Every Conceivable Channel
  13. 13. The KPI: # Views
  14. 14. Media Agencies Create Reports Like This
  15. 15. “Almost 300,000 Relevant Users Watched The Video” MEDIA AGENCY REPORT “300,000 Browsers Delivered a 200 Response Code” REALITY
  16. 16. YouTube Count a “View” When Users are Distracted by Other Things
  17. 17. Facebook counts a “view” when someone wafts past your video on their phone
  18. 18. The Campaign Goals: Increase Brand Awareness (+20%?)
  19. 19. Statistically insignificant awareness surveys are under taken until they product the desired answer
  20. 20. Sometimes via YouTube surveys, where respondents are incentivized to just give any quick answer to dismiss the ad
  21. 21. Applause Conversation Amplification Aggregated Likes Aggregated Comments Aggregated Shares Some companies will also track social engagement metrics
  22. 22. Implicitly assuming is that an improvement in these represents an improvement in brand awareness & affinity
  23. 23. “We saw a +35% increase in brand amplification rate” MEDIA AGENCY ACCOUNT DIRECTOR “This campaign had 14 more shares than the one we did last year” TRANSLATION
  24. 24. This video went viral
  25. 25. It did nothing for the brand
  26. 26. Viral Videos Don’t Necessarily Increase Brand Awareness
  27. 27. £1,000,000 is a lot of money for this
  28. 28. 1. Creative 2. Budget 3. Channels 4. Targeting 5. Metrics 6. Goals 1. Goals 2. Metrics 3. Channels 4. Targeting 5. Budget 6. Creative The Model Needs To Be Flipped
  29. 29. 1. Goals Target Changes in User Behaviour
  30. 30. Branded Search Clicks
  31. 31. 2. Metrics Measure Impact, Not Impressions
  32. 32. “The number of impressions is not the number of people impressed”
  33. 33. “The number of likes is not the number of people who like it”
  34. 34. One person truly engaging with your content…
  35. 35. …is worth far more than hundreds of people being exposed to it in passing
  36. 36. Engaged Views Thruplays >25% Views
  37. 37. Percentage measurement makes shorter videos seem more effective But a 25% view of a long video is better than a 25% view of a short video
  38. 38. The “Watch Time” Metrics We’re Given are Nonsense In reality…. ~2000 Views & 1,301 Minutes Viewed
  39. 39. Qualified Time Watched Efficacy Metric Cost Per Qualified Minutes Watched Efficiency Metric We Can Do Better
  40. 40. Qualified Time Watched Calculator
  41. 41. 3. Channels Distribute Where You Can Best Communicate
  42. 42. Active Browsing Passive Browsing Restricted Media Type Fluid Media Type
  43. 43. “Where can you tell the best story?” Phil Nottingham
  44. 44. Most Watched YouTube Video Ever
  45. 45. Video = Aural + Visual
  46. 46. YouTube = Aural+ Visual
  47. 47. TrueView For Action A Direct Response Format That Builds Brand Awareness
  48. 48. 1
  49. 49. YouTube = Aural+ Visual
  50. 50. Facebook = VISUAL+ Aural
  51. 51. Carousels Allow for Multi-Asset Campaigns
  52. 52. Sequential Advertising Enables Episodic Storytelling Everyone is served video 1 If you watch video 1, you get video 2 If you watch video 2, you get video 3
  53. 53. 4. Targeting Prioritise Behavioural And Contextual Triggers
  54. 54. Custom Audiences & Targeting Groups • Watched >75% of other video • Looks like existing Page Likes • Looks like existing customers • Custom intent based on high performing non-brand PPC
  55. 55. 5. Budget Optimise Spend for Impact
  56. 56. “How much does production quality matter in video advertising?” SOMEONE IN THE AUDIENCE
  57. 57. We created three ads for our video creation application, Soapbox
  58. 58. Budget: $1,000 Camera: iPhone X
  59. 59. Budget: $10,000 Camera: Canon C300
  60. 60. Budget: $100,000 Camera: Arri Amira
  61. 61. Production Budget $1K $10K $100K Cost Per Install $12.82 $6.66 $10.87 Cost Per Engaged View $0.37 $0.36 $0.43
  62. 62. Avoid Arbitrary Budget Allocation
  63. 63. Align Spend With Impact
  64. 64. 6. Creative Show, Don’t Tell
  65. 65. Creative Starting Point: Product Value Proposition
  66. 66. Soapbox Value Proposition: Anyone Can Be A Video Producer
  67. 67. This idea is only a problem if it’s divorced from the value proposition of your product or service
  68. 68. It’s perfectly possible to create a fantastic ad with an iPhone
  69. 69. Buy a good tripod & adapter
  70. 70. Invest a small amount to improve the quality of the audio
  71. 71. Split test different edits before launch
  72. 72. Remember that your video doesn’t need to go viral
  73. 73. It just has to appeal to the few people who will really care about what you have to offer
  75. 75. Thank you! @philnottingham