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Ignore The Obvious - 30 Minute Version

Ignore The Obvious is about how to not get caught in the trap of doing what everyone else is doing. Doing the obvious means safe - average - boring.

By using questions, more specifically killer questions, you can discover opportunities for innovation that will differentiate you.

This is a 30 minute version of a much longer "workshop" I give. This is the material I used at the Argyle Executive Forum in NYC on 2011-06-14.

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Ignore The Obvious - 30 Minute Version

  1. 1. Ignore The ObviousPhil McKinneyVice President and CTOPersonal Systems GroupHP INNOVATION PROGRAM OFFICE
  3. 3. Doing The Obvious g = Nothing New = Average
  4. 4. Ignoring The ObviousRequires You To Think Differently
  5. 5. Why Innovation?
  6. 6. What Is The Impact From Innovation? o at o 14/38/61
  7. 7. Management View Of Innovation 92/73/35
  8. 8. Yesterdays Successes yBecome Todays Rules
  9. 9. Corporate Antibodies p‘False’ Protectors Of The Corporate Rules/Assumptions Let’s shelve that for the time being Who i Wh is going to d i ? i do it? I have something better. We tried that before. It won’t fit our operation. p It’s against all our combined logic. Not enough return on investment. It’s great, but . . . . . . Someone must have already t i d it S th l d tried it. I thought of that a long time ago. We can’t afford that. You’ll never get approval. g You’re on the wrong track. Don’t rock the boat. The market is not ready yet. It’s not a new concept. ne concept
  10. 10. Workshop Slide
  12. 12. Challenge The Obvious gBy Asking Questions
  13. 13. Adapt & Adopt= Not a one size fits all(maybe a twin picture)
  14. 14. For More Information:Blog: www philmckinney comEmail: philmckinneyNote: Killer Innovation™, Killer Questions™ and FIRE™ are trademarks of Techtrend Group LLC. All Rights Reserved Used With Permission