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Beyond The Obvious


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Based on Phil’s upcoming book, Beyond The Obvious, learn the unique and proven approach to asking the right questions—the ones all companies must ask to survive.

This speech is full of real-world examples that will change the way you operate, innovate, and create.

The use of the killer questions will re-frame the way you see your products, your customers, and the way the two interact.

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Beyond The Obvious

  1. 1. Why Innovation?
  2. 2. Management View Of Innovation 92/73/35
  3. 3. Corporate Antibodies pProtectors Of The Corporate Rules And Assumptions Let’s shelve that for the time being Who i Wh is going to d i ? i do it? I have something better. We tried that before. It won’t fit our operation. p It’s against all our combined logic. Not enough return on investment. It’s great, but . . . . . . Someone must have already t i d it S th l d tried it. I thought of that a long time ago. We can’t afford that. You’ll never get approval. g You’re on the wrong track. Don’t rock the boat. The market is not ready yet. It’s not a new concept. ne concept
  4. 4. Going Beyond The Obvious Requires You To Think Differently
  5. 5. What is half of thirteen? hi ?
  6. 6. Rule:Don’t Start A Company In A Recision Disney FedEx Gillette CNN Microsoft AT&T MTV Apple IBM Hyatt y Texas Instruments Merck Burger King 20th Century Fox Hershey Eli Lilly Coors Bristol-Myers Sun Amgen Autodesk Adobe BMC EA Fortune GE HP
  7. 7. It’s notabout b thavingh ithethanswer ..
  8. 8. Its About Challenging The g gObvious By Asking Questions
  10. 10. FOCUSSearching For Opportunities
  11. 11. Where To Begin?
  12. 12. Question Your Assumptions p What are the basic assumptions under which my industry operates? What are the basic assumptions under which my company operates? t ? What external jolts have the j potential to significantly impact my industry?
  13. 13. IDEATIONKiller Ideas From Killer Questions™
  14. 14. Workshop Slide
  15. 15. What customer segment will emerge in 5years that doesnt exist today?What customer segment that exists today willno longer be around in 5 years?
  16. 16. Focus on the customer Which are the right segments?YUPPIES Young Urban ProfessionalsYUFFIES Young Urban FailuresMOBY/DOBY Mom/Dad Older – Baby YoungerWOOFS Well Off Older FolksSKIPPIES School Kids ith Income + S h l Kid with I Purchasing Power“Sandwichers” Adults caught between caring for their children and their older parents
  17. 17. Who does not use my product because yearsof practice or special ability is required?What products could I create out of unusedassets?
  18. 18. What service levels could I offer if I controlledthe entire experience chain?What do customers not like about theprocess of purchasing my product?
  19. 19. RANKINGIdentify The Best Ideas To Execute
  20. 20. What Are The Best Ideas? Must have a YES to at least one of the following: 1. Will this idea change the customer experience/ expectation? 2. 2 Will this idea change the competitive landscape/ position? 3. Will this idea change the economic structure of the industry? Must have a YES to the following: 4. Does you have a contribution to make in this space? 5. Will this idea generate sufficient margin to the business? b i ? Score each question from 0 to 5 (0=NO while 5=YES)
  21. 21. Making The Pitch
  22. 22. ExecutionIdeas Without Execution Are A Hobby
  23. 23. The FunnelA Stage Gate Model To Manage Portfolio Market Customer Limited GlobalValidation Validation Launch Launch (20 ideas) (~10 ideas) (~5 ideas) (2 ideas)
  24. 24. Now What …
  25. 25. Adapt & Adopt= Not a one size fits all(maybe a twin picture)
  26. 26. In ConclusionConclusion
  27. 27. Doing The Obvious g = Nothing New = Average
  28. 28. Going Beyond The Obvious
  29. 29. “This book is a killer read foranyone who hopes to triumphantlysucceed and not just survive” Peter Guber, th P t G b author of the #1 N f th New Y k York Times Best Seller, Tell to Win Visit Available for pre-order at these retailers:
  30. 30. For More Information:Blog: www philmckinney comEmail: philmckinneyNote: Killer Innovation™, Killer Questions™ and FIRE™ are trademarks of Techtrend Group LLC. All Rights Reserved Used With Permission