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Philadelphia Crime Statistics, Maps, and Tools

A guide to various online resources related to Philadelphia crime statistics, including interactive maps, databases, and visualization tools.

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Philadelphia Crime Statistics, Maps, and Tools

  1. 1. Philadelphia Crime Statistics, Maps, and Tools brought to you by:
  2. 2. SpotCrime• Spot Crime provides an interactive map of recent crimes in Philadelphia. – You can view incidents based on time of occurrence, type of crime, and other factors. – An address search lets users see the types of crime committed in a particular area over a certain stretch of time. – Clicking on a map item brings up convenient Google Maps Street View of the area.• They offer free local crime alerts – These can be sent by email or by text message – An alerts radius can be defined for between 1 and 25 miles.• Advanced features, such as email/text message alerts, require registration for a free account.
  3. 3. Ucrime• Ucrime is a website focusing on crime on and around college campuses.• The site supports a number of Philadelphia-area campuses. – These include: Temple, Penn, and Drexel. – Data is often pulled from campus police crime logs in addition to those of the city police.• Ucrime was founded by ReportSee, Inc. – This is the same company behind SpotCrime; it uses the same API and some of the same data. – It also supports crime alerts by email and SMS text.
  4. 4. Crime Logs of Universities in Philadelphia Direct links to the official crime logs, maps, and other statistics forvarious Philadelphia area colleges with their own police departments: Temple University The University of Pennsylvania Drexel University
  5. 5. Philadelphia CrimeBase• CrimeBase is a web application for analyzing Philadelphia crime data. – From the University of Pennsylvania’s Cartographic Modeling Lab• The application allows you to generate charts, trends, maps, and other statistics.• A number of geographic levels are supported. – These include zip codes, police districts, NIS neighborhoods, and so forth.• CrimeBase has a somewhat steep learning curve. – However, the upshot is a much more powerful tool than the other resources presented here. – The instructions and user guide provided are helpful and comprehensive, though.
  6. 6. PhillyRapSheet• Philly Rap Sheet is a continually updated listing of arrests made in the city. – There is also a section listing the arrests made so far today. – Each arrest provides a link to the official docket sheet (in PDF format) on the Pennsylvania Judiciary Web Portal. – Other arrest information includes (if applicable): charges made, previous charges, bail amount, and date/time of arraignment. – Philly Rap Sheet was voted as the city’s Best Public Service in 2012 by Philadelphia Magazine.• You can opt to receive email alerts – These are established based on the particular criteria chosen. – Details include the name of the arresting officer, police district, the suspect’s age, and the suspect’s home town.
  7. 7. PHL Crime Mapper• PHL Crime Mapper is a simple, straightforward tool that lets you map Part One Crime Incidents. – “Part I” includes violent crimes such as aggravated assault, homicide, rape, and robbery. – You can draw a polygon of an area of interest and view crimes by category. – Up to 1000 crimes may be accessed at a time, from the present to about 3 years ago.• PHL Crime Mapper was created by Dave Walk, a software developer in Philadelphia. – It is one of the great applications to come out of the OpenDataPhilly initiative – The data is from the Philadelphia Police Department. – The site works great from a smartphone as well.
  8. 8. City of Philadelphia - Map• A comprehensive, interactive map from the City of Philadelphia – Allows you to map recent crime incidents (past 30 days) – Data is displayed by block and crime type.• Crime data is updated daily – Like PHL Crime Mapper, the City’s map uses Part I crime data from the Philadelphia Police. – Data comes from a Computer Aided Dispatch system as well as field incident reports.• Users can map other items besides crime – These include playgrounds, solar energy projects, and bike lanes. – Commercial interests include items like zoning districts, L&I violations, and rental licenses. – Tabbed browsing makes viewing data overlays quick and easy.
  9. 9. Credits Philadelphia Crime Statistics, Maps, and Tools isbrought to you by Peter J. Scuderi, a criminal defense attorney serving clients in Philadelphia and throughout the surrounding area – includingMontgomery, Bucks, Delaware, and Chester counties. For more information or to schedule aconsultation, contact the law office at 610-490-1100 Or visit their website:
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