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TakeON! Management Matters turns traditional organisational development on its head. The core focus of these manager conversations is engaging management teams with new skills and knowledge, and empowering them with the tools and resources to put this into practice immediately with their teams.

It involves a series of bite-sized learning themes (3–4 hr sessions) which use TakeON! tools and methodology to help teams explore new people management concepts, and apply practical tools in their work

Developed from our experience of creating and delivering leadership programmes with large and complex organisations, TakeON! Management Matters is an easy to implement program with multiple themes that can be selected and interchanged to help build the skills that will best deliver the business strategy.

TakeON! Management Matters– Why it works…

* Builds on current strengths and what is working now.
* Tackles challenges in manageable bite sized pieces to achieve real resolution before moving on to the next issue.
* Senior managers set the context and can maintain transparency over how issues are being addressed.
* Shifts the focus towards constant, incremental change – quick wins build confidence and momentum across the organisation.

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TakeON! Management Matters

  1. 1. LEARN MORE AT: YOUR BUSINESS MATTERS ® © 2013 ON-Brand Partners 07/13 INVESTING IN MANAGERS DRIVES IMPROVEMENT IN ENGAGEMENT, PRODUCTIVITY AND CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE. LET’S START THERE. TakeON! Management Matters turns traditional manager development on its head: The learning is applied in the context of what is happening in the business at the time. Participants learn from each other and unearth answers that already exist within the organisation. The programme is delivered through regular bite-sized modules and is fully supported with an online social business platform. TakeON! IS A PROGRAMME FOR BUSINESS IMPROVEMENT THAT GETS PEOPLE WORKING TOGETHER ON WHAT MATTERS MOST. Can we get managers and their teams better focused on customer needs? What can we do to improve how our leaders engage and communicate with our people? How do we build our managers confidence and capability? TakeON! STREAM – MANAGEMENT MATTERS
  2. 2. TakeON! STREAM – MANAGEMENT MATTERS WHAT IS IT? People don’t leave organisations, they leave bad managers! So, building core management capability is critical to driving business performance. MANAGEMENT MATTERS IS MUCH MORE THAN ONE-OFF TRAINING WHERE BENEFITS CAN FADE QUICKLY. OVER TIME, IT BUILDS MANAGER CAPABILITY, CREATING A SELF-SUFFICIENT LEARNING ORGANISATION. EACH MODULE EXPLORES A SINGLE CORE CONCEPT, PROVIDING MANAGERS WITH THE TOOLS AND SUPPORT THEY NEED TO APPLY THEIR LEARNING IMMEDIATELY WITH THEIR TEAMS. This approach is designed, and proven, to deliver both rapid, positive change in core competencies, and new levels of confidence and performance. Whether you’re looking to add to your existing management development offering, to completely transform it, or you are in need of an immediate tactical intervention, Management Matters is the place to start.
  3. 3. LEARN MORE AT: The ON2net – continual online support, coaching and collaboration Management capability building Insight into action Most Significant Change SET-UP REVIEW DIAGNOSTIC FOUNDATION WORKSHOP YOUR CHOICE OF THEMES Themes for a typical Management Matters Stream might look like this: The Art of Feedback; Courageous Conversations; Connecting People with Strategy; Customer Focus; Leading People; Coaching for Success; Building Potential; Managing Change HOW IT WORKS • A series of workshops for managers to kickstart the right management conversations in your business. • Themes are selected after consultation with you on your current leadership and organisational challenges • Practical tools and resources to help managers get the right conversations started with their teams around the things that matter most to your business • Online connection and collaboration through the ON2net WHAT ARE THE RESULTS? The Management Matters series helps: • Align and engage your management team • Develop the core capability and confidence of your managers across the organisation and increase your overall strength • Inspire and motivate teams and individuals • Improve your people and their performance “The programme has helped to bring out some of the enormous talent and energy our organisation has got in its leadership group.” “The impact it has had on us as a business is a sense of unity. It is wonderful to share our experiences with other people leaders. We are all here to achieve the same goals.”
  4. 4. WHY IT WORKS Key TakeON! principles underpin the approach DIALOGUE VS. DOWNLOAD By involving leaders in constructive dialogue, rather than one-way download, we achieve greater buy-in and traction. Through the sharing of real and relevant experiences, managers learn from each other, as well as from core materials and resources. LEADER LED Our approach is to transfer skill and competency to your managers to make them self-sufficient. Participants essentially do-it- themselves, by facilitating their own learning, and that of their colleagues, within a couple of months. RELEVANT Learning is put into context by applying it to the challenges the business is currently facing. Research says managers learn most when they are actually doing the job, therefore the focus is on applying the tools and the learning immediately. Less theory, more practice! SUSTAINABLE Many programmes are three-day intensive training sessions. It’s great when you’re there, but the learning soon fades. Here, concise-but-regular delivery modules ensure that the learning stays fresh, and momentum is created. Download Debate Dialogue “The last 12 months have been the most challenging of my career. But they have also been the most rewarding.” —Management Matters participant HERE’S AN EXAMPLE Results of direct report engagement survey carried out by commercial arm of academic institution before, and six months into, TakeON! programme: Leadership and management behaviour is consistent with our organisation’s values: I get support at work to continually develop my skills: The organisation provides the environment and support that allows me to deliver my best everyday: Before 50.0% After 72.6% Before 43.3% After 62.5% Before 60.0% After 71.9% Before 50.0% After 72.6% Before 43.3% After 62.5% Before 60.0% After 71.9% Before 50.0% After 72.6% Before 43.3% After 62.5% Before After INCREASE OF 22.6% INCREASE OF 19.2% INCREASE OF 11.9% The Leadership Sphere 1300 100 857 phillipr@theleadershipsphere.com.au theleadershipsphere.com.au