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  1. 1. Photography Basics - What is Photography All About? If youre new to photography, but youre interested in embracing it as a hobby, congratulations!Photography is an immensely enjoyable pastime that youll be able to enjoy and share with thepeople around you until the day you die.If youre wondering where to start, try reading the rest of this article for a basic introduction tophotography, starting with the most basic question of all: what is photography?# What is photography?Strictly speaking, photography is the process of producing a still picture by recording lightradiation. If were being generous we could say that photography has been around since the early1800s, but in terms of it being something open to the average person to get involved in, theagreed-on date is more likely to be 1900 - the year in which Kodak introduced the $1 Browniecamera.Photography is somewhat unusual in that while it is definitely an art form (in that its capable ofproducing something that appeals to the senses) there are strong technical elements to it as well.In this way it contrasts with an art form such as drawing or painting, where little or no technicalknowledge of the medium is necessary. Its a rare professional photographer who isnt also anexpert with the technical aspects of photography, though they do exist.# What sort of camera will I need?This question has two very different answers. On the one hand, any kind of camera at all can beused to make interesting images, so one could say that thats the answer: any kind of camera atall. On the other hand, photography is arguably its most enjoyable when done with a camera thatis versatile and easy to control manually, and so one could say that the answer can only be: anSLR. Certainly if you dont currently own a camera, youre even remotely interested in taking upphotography as a hobby, and you have the money, an entry-level (digital) SLR is the right way togo.# How do I improve?
  2. 2. Unsurprisingly, getting better at photography involves a lot of trial and error. While digitalphotography makes trial and error a much better strategy than it used to be by massively reducingthe cost of taking a photo, theres still no need to do this blindly. Reading about photography inbooks, magazines and online is also a useful way to improve, as is looking at a lot of photographstaken by other people. Youll quickly learn that people generally agree on a set of rules thatproduce pleasing photography, and while eventually youll break these rules to good effect, theresno question that its worth learning them first.Tobias Sterling is a featured writer on Clivir.com. He provides more tips and guide on BeginnersPhotography Basics, How to Take Photos of Children and Depth of Field in Photography onClivir.<br class="clear" />