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I was assigned as Global Marketing Manager in developing Sapphire Crystal Glass (SCG) optical product in cooperation with Korean fabricator.

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  1. 1. Ace Optic SCG filter SAPPHIRE GLASS EDITION Eagle eye Gorilla & asahi glass edition
  2. 2. About the proposal
  3. 3. What is Sapphire Glass? Sapphire Crystal Glass Synthetic sapphire combined of crystallized aluminum oxide Astonishingly sturdy: - value of 9 Mohs of mineral hardness. same as titanium carbide Scratch Resistant - Superior to Quartz or gorilla glass Application - watch glass - display - optics
  4. 4. Sapphire Crystal Glass vs Gorilla Glass Sapphire Glass Gorilla Glass Material Al3O2(99.995%) silica, alumina, barium oxide, Lead oxide, synthetic soda ash Shearing Strength 145~175 GPa 29.6 GPa hardness (100g load) 1,900~2,200 kg/mm2 550~650 kg/mm2 Fracture toughness 2.7~5 MPa m1/2 0.68 MPa m1/2 Hardness [MoHs] 9 (2nd to Diamond) 7 (equivalent to quartz, iron) Processability Difficult Easy - hi-purity alumina (99%↑), non-deformable quality. - superior mechanical strength to quartz and gorilla glass; - Anti-Scratch and Best for Optical Precision Optics
  5. 5. Reliability Test in Comparison [Gorilla Glass vs Sapphire Glass] ` Gorilla Sapphire Glass Testing Method Thickness [mm] 0.7T 0.3T 0.4T 0.6T 0.7T - Breaking Strength [Mpa] 960 1,350 2,180 3,190 4,000 Ball Drop [mm] 600 416 580 600 700 150g bearing ball (20cm ~ ) 3Axis Bending [N] 300 100 200 250 350 ※ the test between 0.4T Sapphire glass vs 0.7T Gorilla Glass shows remarkably comparable test result
  6. 6. Sapphire crystal Edition The next material for next best fil
  7. 7. SHIFT to the Next Best Filter For past years, we have been endeavored to make hi-strength sapphire crystal glass with its constantly dedicated contribution, the sapphire crystal glass proudly introduces the world’s First Sapphire Crystal Glass Filter in the world’s slimmest hi-precision brass ring. Shielded with 3 Multi-coated process, SCG filter is also coated in “Broadband AR coating” method Inspired by Affection for Quality in Sapphire Crystal Glass The excellence in precision and quality to meet customer’s satisfaction, HANSOL SCG filter pursues the affection to the first-class qualification, with a reputation built by the Global Premium Filter Brands ,Sapphire Glass filter is the driving force to the next premium filters. The World’s 1st, the Slimmest; the Best SCG premium edition will provide you with valued quality of the World’s first Sapphire glass filter with its incomparable slim filter rings on seamless fabrication process.
  8. 8. the World’s First Sapphire Crystal Glass Filter - 4 times stronger than mineral glasses - the 2nd sturdiest to Diamond. MoHs 9 - the Best Material for highly sophisticated optical application light transmittance over broadband wavelength from 0.15~5um homogeneity of all HEM : 0.1PPM range - ideal for the most stringent optical applications Sapphire
  9. 9. The World’s Slimmest Filter Frame + Lead-Free Ultra Slim BRASS Filter Ring [T 2.38mm]; 1.12mm thinner than B+W XSP + 1mm thinner than Cokin’s pure harmonies [3.3mm], a incomparable Sapphire glass + with high pure & highly rugged black-matte brass ring + top precision technology with front filter thread 0.4T mm Slim t h e w o r l d ’ s f i r s t 2 . 3 8 T s l i m b r a s s f i l t e r m o u n t
  10. 10. Multi-Layered Super Resistant Coating Complete Light Transmission; Complete UV Block Superior Multi-Resistant & Hydrophobic Coating
  11. 11. MC coated glass filter SCG sapphire glass filter With Multi-layered coating Strong Shield Effects: WATER RESISTANT, ANTI-SOIL/ ANTI-OIL/ ANTI-DUST Inspired by Lotus Effect Multi NanoCoating
  12. 12. SCG UV Filter - Ultra-Slim 0.55mm Sapphire Crystal Glass - Complete Light Transmittance with UV blocking coated - Multi-Layered Broadband AR coating 6 layered 22 layered-rear sided UV Cut-off coating double layered Waterproof AF Coating - Hi-intensity Brass filter ring in ultra-slim (2.38Tmm) SCG Clear Protective Filter - Ultra-Slim 0.55mm Sapphire Crystal Glass - Scratch Resistant - Multi-layered Broadband AR Coating 12 layered Quadruple Multi layered Waterproof AF Coating - Hi-intensity & Ultra-Slim brass filter ring (2.38Tmm) - 99.95% Light Transmittance sapphire sapphire
  13. 13. SCG filter’s special ultra-nano multi-coating minimizes flare and ghosting caused by digital camera image sensor Filter with MC coated only Filter with Sapphire MRC coated 99.95% Clear Light Transmittance!
  14. 14. Slim B super EX clear protective - Ultra-Slim 0.4Tmm Corning Gorilla Glass - Double Polished; Super hardness; Scratch Resistant; - Hi-transmission optical performance [99.9%] - Hi-intensity & Ultra Slim BRASS-Filter Frame (2.38Tmm) Slim B super EX Circular Polarizer - Ultra-Slim 0.4T Asahi Strengthened Glass - Double Polished; Scratch Resistant - Hi-transmission optical polarizer [99.5%] - Visible BBAR coating +22 layered UV cut-off (390nm) coating + Super Hydro Florine (AF) hard coating front side - Visible BBAR coating +22 layered UV cut-off (390nm) coating + Super Hydro florine hard coating both side - Hi-intensity & Ultra-Slim BRASS Filter Frame (3.5Tmm)
  15. 15. Eagle Eye K-Pro Slim Super Variable ND Filter - Ultra-Slim 0.4Tmm Asahi Super Glass - Scratch Resistant - Hi-transmission optical gray film - Hi-intensity & Slim Alu-Filter ring - ND20~400 (6Tmm) (0.9T Asahi Super Hard Glass)
  16. 16. SHIFT to the Next Best Filter + Design: For Professional + Target Market: for Professional and Premium Edition + Material: Hi-density SAPPHIRE CRYSTAL glass for UV/Clear Protection Super Anti Scratch , hi-light transmittance super intensity metal brass rings. *the world’s slimmest 23.8mm processing black matte varnish, Lead-Free Brass Mount + Types: SCG for UV/ Clear Protection processing black matte varnish Asahi glass/ Gorilla Glass for Polarizer Circular Slim Filter/ VND Slim Filter + Coating: Ultra Multi-Coating: BBAR+UV cut +Hydro-fluorine Coating + Diameter 37.0, 39, 40/40.5, 43, 46, 52, 55, 58, 62, 67, 72, 77, 82 + Front thread for filters, snap caps or lens hood. SIZE EXPANDABLE
  17. 17. SHIFT to the Next Best Filter + ACE/Hansol Opitcs Strategic Product Portfolio S-Pro ALU Professional SCG/ ALU Eagle Eye Pro Asahi/ ALU SCG LEICA LUXAR SCG/BRASS + For premium line for LEICA lenses SCG, 2.38T Brass Frame, UV/ Clear only + For professional DSLR lenses SCG, 2.38T ALU Frame, UV/ Clear only + For any EVIL, DSLR lenses Asahi 0.4T super glass, ALU frame UV/Clear (2.38T frame) CPL (35T) VND ( Ø 39, 41, 43, 46, 48, 49, 52, 55, 58, 60, 72 , 82 and 95mm Ø 37,40. 40.5, 43, 46, 49, 52, 55, 58, 62, 67, 72, 77, 82 Ø 37,40. 40.5, 43, 46, 49, 52, 55, 58, 62, 67, 72, 77, 82 MSRP: TBD MSRP: TBD MSRP: TBD
  18. 18. the Next Best Filter for Premium Edition Sapphire Crystal Glass Optical Filter For any information, plz contact Phillip Kim : Thank You