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Garry Hart - Body Training Solutions - The Pulse Tasmania 2011

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Tassie pulse ppt

  1. 1. The PULSE -- TasmaniaShifting the Training ParadigmHow to Develop a World Class Group Fitness Team
  2. 2. What are the two inextricably linked fundamentals of life? The PULSE forces of life?
  3. 3. Let’s focus on these fundamentals for a moment to the exclusion of all other distractions
  4. 4. The PULSE point of a Health Club is awell managed Group Fitness Division.Let’s spotlight some problems we face.
  5. 5. PROFITor LEASE Liability?
  6. 6. Good Morning exerciser . . . How was the footy last night?Are we in the People to People business?
  7. 7. Machines cannot:• Gauge how you are feeling• Deliver a workout based on how you are emotionally• Nurture and care for you• Relate to your specific needs intuitively
  8. 8. Nor can a under trained, ignorant or missinformed instructor or one that is so overworked they simply teach by the numbers.
  9. 9. Where can I findgood instructors? Do You have a list? I need them yesterday.
  10. 10. What we are being asked is:“I need someone who is fullyqualified, completely experienced, totallyinsured, with memberships to all theindustry bodies and ready to walk in myclub’s front door ready to give me 100%loyalty and be able to do any class on mygroup fitness timetable.”
  11. 11. Looking for the perfectinstructor isusually right under your nose.
  12. 12. ONBOARDING (HR Buzz word)If a new employee is successfully RECRUITED, TRAINED ANDMENTORED for the first three months they are 67% more likely to staywith that company for three years or greater. RESULT
  13. 13. How do weduplicate greatinstructors?I hear CLUBTRAINER isthe answer.
  14. 14. • How do we achieve this magic mentorship?• How do we get an R.O.I. on staff training?• How do we get effective training in rural areas?• How do we save the high costs of travel, accommodation and loss of income?• How do we get results focused teachers?• How do we find instructors who advocate?• How do we find teachers who innovate?
  15. 15. • Is a three-day comprehensive advanced training package that equips senior instructors and club owners with the skills and tools to help grow and develop the heart & soul of a health club’s operation.• Is not restricted to only BTS licensees• Has skills explored that extend beyond Group Fitness realm• Creates career pathways and extends the life cycle of top fitness industry operators to do what they love doing – helping people grow.• Is delivered in adult learning contextual methodology
  16. 16. So here is the:
  17. 17. Are you a victim? OrAre you in control?
  18. 18. PLEASE TICK THE BOX IF, YES I AM IN CONTROLDo you have in place effective succession planning strategies for your Group Fitness team?Are you or do you have a senior group fitness instructor performing the role of Group Fitness Manager?Does your Group Fitness Manager have the necessary management training to recruit, train and mentor staff?Do you have several “apprentice” instructors in various stages of development keen to take any of your “shoulder” timetable classes? IF YOU TICKED FOUR OUR FOUR CONGRATULATIONS YOU ARE AN INDUSTRY LEADER IN AUSTRALIA
  19. 19. PLEASE TICK THE BOX IF YOU FEEL, YES I AM NOT IN CONTROL Does your Group Fitness Manager have any management training or are they fundamentally really good group ex. teachers? Do you often find yourself scrambling to find fills for classes because one of your teachers calls in sick? Do you feel anxious when the leaving the gym in the afternoon that your evening and weekend class teachers will show? Do you get chest pains when your phone rings ten minutes before a scheduled class and BEFORE ANSWERING you recognise an instructor’s phone number? Are you often wishing you could get some of your fit “front rowers” trained but the costs to them and you out weigh the effort so you maintain status quo? Do you ever think: “ if only I had a highly trained recruitment specialist in house my life would be so much EASIER?”IF YOU TICKED ANY OF THESE BOXES YOU HAVE INDENTIFIED YOUR PROBLEMS AND UNDERSTAND THAT YOUR BUSINESS SOLUTIONS ARE NOT INSURMOUNTABLE
  20. 20. The ONBOARDING Experience Recruitment Training Mentorship
  21. 21. Schedule At A GlanceFRIDAY SATURDAY SUNDAY Trainer Essential – Science of Getting To Know You Executing  BTS Breakfast – Coffee & Croissants Getting to Know BTS Role Model from beginning to end  Compass Time The Business of BTS Identifying Training Objectives  Trainer Essential – Entertaining The Training Pyramid Trainer Essential – Branding/Managing Review of Program Specific  Beyond stating them Marketing Executing  Dodging Dogma Who is the Brand called YOU? CT Practice Presenting  Shelf Life Love marks Feedback  Varying Releases Review Program Specific Branding CT Practice presenting Club Trainer Medley  Voices as instruments CTs enjoy the teamwork of group  Hosting Feedback class LUNCH LUNCH  LUNCH Trainer Essential – Coaching Trainer Essential -- Connecting What will be your legacy?  Refinement of all senses = 100%  Final CT Practice Presentation Stages of Learning present  BTS Assessment VAK Empathetic connection – examine  12 week challenge Why, What, How ourselves DISC  Pathways to success Review Program Specific Coaching The Art of Feedback CT Practice Presenting Ensuring social/emotional well Feedback  BTS Club Trainer Protocols being Review Program Specific  Manuals, paperwork & videos Homework Connecting  Alumni network CT Practice Presenting  Recruitment Manual Feedback Homework  Q&A
  22. 22. Flash Back – Change Creation • Think of a person who has had a significant impact on you in your life (a teacher, coach, mentor) • Why was it so significant? • Training is about creating change, what do you think it takes to create change in people?
  23. 23. 6 Trainer Essentials• Branding• Executing• Coaching• Entertaining• Connecting• Managing
  24. 24. BrandingWe must be the change we wish to see in the world Gandhi
  25. 25. BrandingWho is the Brand called YOU?
  26. 26. Branding~ A brand that captures your mind gains behaviour. A brand that captures your heart gains commitment. ~ Scott Talgo
  27. 27. LOVE MARKS♥Lovemarks inspire loyalty beyond reason.♥Lovemarks are about attitude, belief and action.♥Lovemarks are personal.♥Lovemarks stand out from the crowd.♥Lovemarks are charismatic brands that people love and fiercely protect
  28. 28. Taking Personal Inventory • What makes me memorable? • What makes me distinct? • What does my personal packaging communicate? • Am I inspirational? • Am I a role model? Who for?
  29. 29. Training In The Sweet Spot The sweet spot Instructor focused motive Club Self focused focused motive motive BTS Global focused focused motive motive
  30. 30. Trainer Essential : CoachingTo be a great coach you need to:1. Understand the stages of learning2. Understand learning styles3. Recruit effectively4. Mentor supportively5. Understand how to give effective feedback
  31. 31. The Stages Of Learning• Unconscious incompetence• Conscious incompetence• Conscious competence• Unconscious competence• Conscious unconscious competence
  32. 32. Multiple IntelligencesLinguistic – Words & LanguageLogical/Mathematical – Logic & numbersMusical – Music, sound & rhythmBody Kinaesthetics – Body movement & controlSpatial/visual – Images & spaceInterpersonal feelings – Other people’s feelingIntrapersonal – Self awarenessNaturalist -- Environment
  33. 33. Three Learning Styles: Visual Auditory Kinaesthetic
  34. 34. Principles Of Great Executing1. Understanding training objectives If you don’t know where you are going you will probably end up somewhere else Laurence J Peter – from his book The Peter Principle2. Understanding the Training Pyramid
  35. 35. The Training Pyramid 4. Check Learning 3. Teach And Learn 2. Create Impact 1.Understand The Objective
  36. 36. Overall Objective of Initial Training Never forget The primary purpose of training is to create long term, committed and active instructors that fill the room
  37. 37. Trainer Essential : Connecting• Successful Trainers (People for that matter) – Understand themselves and how their behavior affects others – Understand their reactions to other people – Know how to maximize on what they do well – Have a positive attitude about themselves – Know how to adapt their behaviour to situations and people – Are situationally effective
  38. 38. ConnectingMachine members are by definition, high risk members.They belong, as it were, in every club’s “intensive care”.
  39. 39. Connecting• The saying is not: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”• Rather it is: “Do unto others as they would have you do unto them” Why?
  40. 40. So . . . How to connect?To understand oneself helps us understand others. BehaviourLet’s exploreAdaptability
  41. 41. The Art of Effective Feedback To see the sculpture in every piece of stone
  42. 42. Interpretations of Entertaining•Making Exercise Fun•Interpreting the music physically and emotionally•Interpreting the musical character of the dance•Creating a musically dynamic experience•Marrying movement & music•Ensuring the musical experience•Matching music and movement = ExertainmentThese categories all relate to assessment of . . .
  43. 43. But doesEntertaining just mean being a Performer?Or does Entertaining mean having friends over to beentertained?Does Entertaining mean being someone people like to spendtime with and want to bring their friends along to meet you?
  44. 44. Group Fitness Teachers are Paid Talkers When all is “said & done” Group Ex. Teachers need to help train their voices like they train any other body part – with care and practice.
  45. 45. Voice Projection and Protection•Vocal folds•Breathing•Voice is your instrument•Lubrication & nutrition•Projection Drills•Humming to Cool Down
  46. 46. 12 Week Challenge• Steps to Success• BTS Assessment• This is where effective mentorship is vital
  47. 47. Two trainings September 2011 & October 201118 people trained18 Health clubs now have an in-house recruitment specialistOver 40 new instructors now being mentoredOne Club Trainer is a high school teacher using BTS programs in their Certificate 3 in Fitness course for year 12 students. That would be another 20 new and potential instructors.All in the past three months.New instructors that those clubs would have had to pay big dollars to get trained.
  48. 48. The training paradigm.Take control of all levels of business operationNever again say: “Where can I find newinstructors”.
  49. 49. Tasmania Club TrainerMarch 16th, 17th & 18th