ISO 50001 An Answer to Jamaica's Energy Crisis


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ISO 50001 is a new ISO standard that can bring significant benefits to Jamaica and other Caribbean countries. This presentation is an effort to highlight the benefits that it can bring and to stimulate interest in what might soon become an international trade and commerce requirement

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ISO 50001 An Answer to Jamaica's Energy Crisis

  1. 1. ISO 50001An Answer to Jamaica s Energy Crisis Phillip Thomas A1 Solutions
  2. 2. Additional / Useful Information The following website contains additional information and excellent links regarding the ISO 50001 program.
  3. 3. PurposeNeed for energy management How do I make my company more energy efficient ? I want more than an audit a culture What are the best practices? Where can I find them, how do I implement them?
  4. 4. Purpose (contd.)Jamaica s energy costs one of thehighest in Latin America / CaribbeanFuel diversification strategy facingcontinual delaysWorldwide energy costs expected torise.Jamaica currently has over 90%dependence on imported petroleum
  6. 6. Purpose (contd.)How do I ensure that My energy management systems are guaranteed to the highest international standards? I am achieving the maximum impact from the best methods generating financial and tangible benefits? I can replicate the processes and practices throughout my entire operation regardless of type and location?
  7. 7. Energy Conservation & EfficiencyEnergy Conservation and Efficiency Development and adoption of standards, technologies and processes that will make us internationally competitive. ISO 9001 Quality Management ISO 14001 Environmental Management ISO 22000 Food Safety ISO / IEC 27001 Information Security
  8. 8. Who / What is ISO?ISO = International Organization forStandardizationMembership of 160 national bodies including ourown Jamaica Bureau of Standards Provides businesses, government and societywith practical tools for all three dimensions ofsustainable development Economic, Environmental, and SocialStandards facilitate trade, spread knowledge,disseminate innovative advances in technologyand share good management practices
  9. 9. Who / What is ISO contd.? They provide solutions and achieve benefits for almost all sectors of activity including agriculture, construction, mechanical engineering, manufacturing, distribution, transport, medical devices, information and communication technologies, the environment, energy, quality management and services
  10. 10. Who / What is ISO contd.? Standards are developed only when there is a clear market requirement and are done by experts in the respective subject areas. The ISO standard represents a global consensus on the state of the art in the subject of that standard
  11. 11. ISO 50001 :2011ENERGY MANAGEMENT SYSTEMSRequirements with guidance for use.
  12. 12. ISO 50001NEW - at last report 33 U.S. organizationsincluding 3M, Alcoa, Dow ChemicalGives organizations the requirements for energymanagement systemsProvides benefits for organizations large andsmall in both public and private sectors, inmanufacturing and services in all regions of theworldWill establish a framework for industrial plants;commercial, institutional and governmentalfacilities and entire organizations to manageenergy.Adaptable to all industrial /commercial entitiesAdaptable to all cultures and countriesCertification offered
  13. 13. ISO 50001 Why important? Individual organizations cannot control energy prices,government policies or the global economy, but theycan improve the way they manage energy in the hereand now. Improved energy performance can provide rapidbenefits for an organization by maximizing the use ofits energy sources and energy-related assets, thusreducing both energy cost and consumption.The organization will also make positive contributionstoward reducing depletion of energy resources
  14. 14. ISO 50001 What will it do? It will provide public and private sectororganizations with management strategies toincrease energy efficiency Reduce costsImprove energy performanceWill integrate energy performance intomanagement practice (culture)Multinationals will have a single standardapplicable across all entities
  15. 15. ISO 50001 How does it Work? Plan conduct the energy review and establish the baseline, energy performance indicators (EnPIs), objectives, targets and action plans necessary to deliver results in accordance with opportunities to improve energy performance and the organization s energy policy Do Implement the energy management action plans
  16. 16. ISO 50001 How does it Work? Contd., Check Monitor and measureprocesses and the key characteristicsof its operations that determineenergy performance against theenergy policy and objectives andreport the results.Act Take actions to continuallyimprove energy performance and theEnergy Management System.
  17. 17. Figure1, ISO Win the Energy Challenge
  18. 18. BENEFITSIncreased profitability through reduced costsIncreased competitiveness both regionally andgloballyReduction in greenhouse gas emissions andother similar environmental effects.Fast adherence to what may become tradingand commerce global requirementEarly responders make the most.
  19. 19. Next Steps Help develop and implement programs with interested companieswithin Jamaica and the Caribbean Develop energy management system / program following ISO 50001 guidelines including Development of company energy policy Conducting review and energy planning Develop metrics (EnPIs) Establish timelines Quantify and verify productivity increases and savings etc. Market Program Electricity tariff reduction for certified customers ?
  20. 20. THANK YOU!