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Guide to iBeacons: How they work and how they can be used


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iBeacons 101 gude on how they work and how they can be used. Especially how iBeacons can be used by retailers to create more engaging experience for customers through the deployment of personalised specifically located offers and innovative location based loyalty. iBeacons allow retailers to market to customers, while they are actually browsing goods in store.

The deck also looks at iBeacons other uses such as in museums, industry and medical applications. If you want to learn about iBeacons, go the Mobikats website and give us a call.

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Guide to iBeacons: How they work and how they can be used

  1. 1. Phill Hunt CEO iBeacons the power to connect! !
  2. 2. What are iBeacons ❖ Low energy Bluetooth transmitters size of £2 coin! ❖ Transmit unique ID ! ❖ iPhones and Android phones can detect presence of iBeacons! ❖ Apps can be created to respond to iBeacons ! ❖ Even when an app isn’t currently running
  3. 3. Experience defined by iBeacons distance ❖ Apps can respond differently to distance from iBeacon! ❖ Immediate: User swipes beacon like NFC! ❖ Near: Within a few metres. Ideal for hyper-location specific experiences! ❖ Far: Up to 50m, for example as a user passes a shop
  4. 4. Key advantages of iBeacons ❖ Small and discrete! ❖ No need for wires! ❖ Batteries last for years! ❖ Experience defined in apps, means flexibility and simple to manage! ❖ iBeacons are low cost! ❖ Can be used in doors and out.
  5. 5. iBeacons in retail ❖ Flexible digital promotions in- store where they count! ❖ New and improved loyalty ! ❖ Offers which are hyper- location specific combined with being specific to customer! ❖ Better customer service and richer experience! ❖ Real customer behaviour
  6. 6. Capture customers as they pass your shop A customers phone can detect an iBeacon within 50m, ample distance to reach out to your customers as they are passing by.
  7. 7. In-store marketing & customer engagement iBeacons can be located around a retail space to engage users when they pass within a few metres. Offers, product information, ability to order out of stock products can be presented to users where it counts, where the product is on display
  8. 8. Loyalty and gamify shopping ❖ Using immediate range, retailers can hide offers and loyalty points around their shops! ❖ Users have to find iBeacons and tap with their phone to get points! ❖ Instead of having loyalty cards, users can swipe their phone over iBeacon to add points to their account
  9. 9. Help users find their way around ❖ iBeacons can be used to locate users and products! ❖ Users can follow iBeacons to products they want! ❖ Customers could also ask for help as shops can use iBeacons to establish the customers locataion
  10. 10. iBeacons enable retailers to track real shopping behaviour ❖ As users who have your app installed walk round your shop, each beacon they walk in range can be tracked centrally! ❖ Buying data can be superimposed to deliver real data on shopping behaviour
  11. 11. iBeacons in galleries and attractions ❖ iBeacons can make galleries or attractions interactive! ❖ Enable users to buy prints of paintings while in front of the painting they love
  12. 12. iBeacons in industry ❖ Track assets and people ! ❖ Provide safety warnings when people walk into dangerous areas! ❖ How to guides associated with packaged products! ❖ Hot-desk solutions
  13. 13. Medical care and iBeacons ❖ Tracking of patients and assets in hospitals! ❖ Use in the home to track activity ! ❖ When older people begin to struggle with memory iBeacons could be used to remind users of memories or important things to do