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  1. 1. HU.MEDConnecting patients. doctors. research.
  2. 2. Problems with current healthcare• Unorganized• Patients feel isolated, confused, and depressed• Poor Doctor-Patient relationship/communication• Patients feel powerless and uninformed
  3. 3. Patient Statistics• Patients are 13X more likely to commit suicide two weeks after diagnosis compared to before diagnosis• 5X more likely 12 weeks after diagnosis• Risk of heart attack or stroke also climbed due to stress and anxiety• 40-suicide-risk-spikes-in-week-after-cancer-diagnosis- study-finds?lite• 93% of adults living with chronic disease ask a health professional for information or assistance in dealing with health or medical issues
  4. 4. Improving the Patient experience• Patients support groups have shown to drastically decrease depression, stress and anxiety.• Patients should be able to be able to easily contact their doctor and schedule appointments in an organized/simple way• Getting patients involved in research can help them feel more empowered and informed about their condition
  5. 5. Connecting Patients• Each patient will have their own personal profile where they can share updates, accomplishments, interesting articles, photos or videos.• Patients can form support groups so they can share information in a more intimate environment and form relationships• Patients can help motivate and inspire each other to live their life to its fullest potential despite their condition
  6. 6. Connecting to Doctors/Nurses• Patients can easily send their doctors messages to create a simple form of communication between visits• Doctor can share more info and photos about himself to help create a stronger relationship• Create an easy scheduling tool to plan and organize doctor visits
  7. 7. Connecting Research• Patients can find research projects they can get involved with.• Provides researchers with a larger network for potential study candidates.• A patient can notify their doctor that they are interested in a certain study• Patients can learn what progress is being made in medical research
  8. 8. Website Layout
  9. 9. Patient Network
  10. 10. Doctor/Nurse Page
  11. 11. Research page
  12. 12. Style of the Website
  13. 13. Less like hospital