Trends on Health


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Trends on Health

  1. 1. SAN FRANCISCO Future of Health Geektrip with us!
  2. 2. Quick introDeveloper in the 80’s Finance guy in 90’s ‘til early 2.000 Developing Mobile in Europe for Sega Now 6 years bridging France and SiliconValley Interested by innovation only because of its impacton business SAN FRANCISCO
  3. 3. Picking up news in this segment… Stay tuned!!! Silicon Valley (and notonly), more and moreconcerned on how toaddress HealthSAN FRANCISCO
  4. 4. Nurep, San FranciscoSAN FRANCISCO Demo Spring 2013 Application mobile pour connecter les fabricantsde matériel médical et les praticiens
  5. 5. Wellframe, Cambridge (MA)SAN FRANCISCO Demo Spring 2013 Utilisation du mobile et de l’intelligence articiellepour adapter les protocoles médicaux auxpatients
  6. 6. KinectHealth, Roanoke (VI)SAN FRANCISCO Demo Spring 2013 Utilisation du mobile et du réseau social pourassurer un suivi quotidien de son programme defitness
  7. 7. Contact me for the fullreport SAN FRANCISCO
  8. 8. Health and mobileSAN FRANCISCO
  9. 9. Health and big dataSAN FRANCISCO
  10. 10. Health and sharing economySAN FRANCISCO
  11. 11. Geektrip, 6 years of businesstrips in Silicon ValleySAN FRANCISCO
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