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Use MQTT in Docker on Raspberry Pi


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Use MQTT in Docker on Raspberry Pi

  1. 1. Use MQTT in Docker on Raspberry Pi Philipz 鄭淳尹
  2. 2. Docker.Taipei 共同發起人 《Docker 從入門到實踐》翻譯發起人 碁峰《Docker入門與實戰》審閱 Acer eDC, 玉山銀行資訊處, 臺北榮民總醫院 Java/Web Developer, Image Processing, Software Engineering, Algorithmic Trading, Docker Philipz
  3. 3. Why RPi + Docker 1st credit card-sized PC HW/SW split…. IoT Prototype Portable WYSIWYR ARM is Rising!!!
  4. 4. GPIO in Docker Control LED Blinking
  5. 5. The Martix of Hell
  6. 6. Docker is not Virtual Machine Operating-system-level virtualization Chroot + Cgroup + github Golang Container engine Support LXC, Windows container soon
  7. 7. Docker Layers
  8. 8. Cmd Diagram ● run ● pull, push ● exec ● commit ● rm, rmi ● build, tag ● logs, stats
  9. 9. Use Scenario Push Pull Commit Deploy IoT Device
  10. 10. Use case ● Databox - Volume container ● Development or Runtime env - Onbuild ● Computing - GPU, GPIO ● Cross-compilers, build container ● Installation container - Cmd, GUI ● Service compontents*** ● VM style - bad idea
  11. 11. MQTT From IBM IoT Protocol Pub/Sub, QoS Arduino, mbed Mosquitto, Xively
  12. 12. Demo
  13. 13. FAQ 1. How to build base image? Scratch, Github 2. Run CentOS on RPi? Docker Hub, Github 3. How to use Boot2Docker? Just use Linux 4. Why Windows support Docker? 5. Why IoT developer must learn Docker? Device & Cloud use the same SW process IT careers all need Docker…...
  14. 14. Thank you Time is more precious than gold.