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How to use Docker with WordPress?


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Taipei WordPress Meetup

Published in: Technology
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How to use Docker with WordPress?

  1. 1. How to use Docker with WordPress? Docker.Taipei Philipz
  2. 2. Docker
  3. 3. Docker Basic Gitbook ● commit ● pull push ● volume ● link ● volume-from
  4. 4. Docker Hub
  5. 5. Dockerfile Reference Wordpress Dockerfile Offical By Self Push to Docker Hub
  6. 6. Demo
  7. 7. For WP Developer Develop WordPress plugins and themes using Docker https://github. com/joch/wordpress- docker
  8. 8. New Developement Flow No more Matrix Hell ┴┴︵╰(‵□′)╯︵┴┴ ProdutionStageTestingCoding Maven npm pip Vagrant Maintain
  9. 9. New Feature ● Portable across environments ● Portable across providers ● Composable Docker Machine http://blog.docker. com/2015/02/orchestrating-docker-with- machine-swarm-and-compose/
  10. 10. Thank you