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Docker on Raspberry Pi and CoreOS


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2/25 Docker.Taipei Meetup

Published in: Technology
  • Quite little information in here + wrong information too. E.g. obvious you never really worked with VMware because you would know that VMware Server is non-existant for like the past 8 years. Instead there are other products that are used by many companies and of course are not discontinued (e.g. vSphere vCenter or Workstation / Fusion if you need type-2 hypervisors). One browse of would have given you that answer, instead you presented smattering. Share your views of ARM over x86 however. ARM will dominate in the next 5-10 years.
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  • $ docker search logstash
    # could be a faster way to find goodies.
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Docker on Raspberry Pi and CoreOS

  1. 1. Docker on Raspberry Pi and CoreOS Philipz
  2. 2. Philipz Taiwan R User Group Officer Working: Software Engineer in Hospital TradingBot 程式交易機器人 法拍屋地圖 (Auction House Maps) Research: Image Processing, Software Engineering, Algorithmic Trading Learning: Docker, CoreOS, MQTT, ELK…...
  3. 3. Before VM Age
  4. 4. Before VM Age
  5. 5. After VM Age
  6. 6. After VM Age
  7. 7. After VM Age
  8. 8. What is Docker Material Deb, APT, Github, Base Images, ... Recipe Dockerfile RUN,ADD,CMD… Chef
  9. 9. What is Docker Material Recipe Chef
  10. 10. VMware vs Docker VMware Server (Discontinued) Ubuntu (Host OS) + Docker - Guest OS layer VMware ESXi CoreOS(Host OS) + Docker - Guest OS layer
  11. 11. Why use Pi 1. Cheap, easy, plug & play, FUN… 2. General-purpose 3. ARM Server is coming…
  12. 12. Docker & Pi Getting Docker up and running on a Raspberry Pi - by Ken Cochrane Docker 0.7.2 for ARM Virtual servers on a Raspberry Pi with the lightweight OS virtualization system, Docker!
  13. 13. Why use CoreOS Lightweight, pure, native include Clouding platform Amazon EC2 Google Compute Engine Rackspace Cloud Brightbox Cloud Cluster - etcd, fleet Not supported ARM yet.
  14. 14. Base Image Problem Only use official or trusted repo. Public docker images, Base images script But……. Correct init process Syslog Cron SSH ~~~~YOUR DOCKER IMAGE MIGHT BE BROKEN Verification and Validation (V&V) Drone and Docker, Open Source CI Jenkins + Docker, Jenkins on Raspberry Pi, Cross build??
  15. 15. AWS Cloud Kata
  16. 16. Live Demo Raspberry Pi Xfce + XRDP Networking eth0:0 docker0 CoreOS Search & Pull
  17. 17. Extensive Cookbooks, Slimming down Private repository Ambassador Container Web UI Shipyard, Kdocker-web Docker cluster Decking Globocom - docker-cluster Serf, Auto load-balancing
  18. 18. Q&A