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How to Get A Girlfriend


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If you want to know Exactly How to Get a Girl to be your Girl friend.. Go To and get started.

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How to Get A Girlfriend

  1. 1. How To Get A Girlfriend?
  2. 2. Let Us Count The Ways...
  3. 3. If You Want A Girlfriend That Is Hot, Sexy, & Desirable...
  4. 4. You Bet That She Is Also Being Chased By A Lot Of Guys...
  5. 5. You Can’t Play By The Same Rules... That Every Other Guy is Playing By.
  6. 6. You Need To Activate A Part Of Her Desire That Gets Her Obsessing Over You.
  7. 7. But If You Want To Get Her Obsessing Over You, You’ve Need To Be Different And Get Her To Wonder About You
  8. 8. But How Do You Do It?
  9. 9. Like A Lot Of Guys, I Used To Think That If I Wanted A Great Girl In My Life, I Needed Certain Type Of Things Like…
  10. 10. Like... ● ● ● ● A Nice Car Good Looks Chiseled Abs And Loads of Cash
  11. 11. I Bought Into The Lie But Women Still Didn’t Like Me.
  12. 12. Until I Discovered Something Called ‘Literotica’.
  13. 13. It’s basically the female version of... (Porn) Ahem!
  14. 14. It’s the #1 product category on Amazon’s ebook store!
  15. 15. So what did I learn from literotica?
  16. 16. I've Learned About The “Obsession Story”!
  17. 17. On How A Woman Falls In Love With A Man
  18. 18. The Thing is... This Pattern Was in EVERY BOOK.
  19. 19. I Did Some Research Into Evolutionary Biology And Learned That...
  20. 20. Women Are Basically “Programmed” To Fall For This Pattern and Obsession Story.
  21. 21. I've Detailed and Decoded The Process To Make It Easy For You
  22. 22. To Make Women Want You
  23. 23. If You Want To Know Exactly How Get a Girl To Be Your Girlfriend...
  24. 24. Go To And Get Started
  25. 25. Now Is The Time To Change Your Life
  26. 26. How To Get A Girlfriend