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Dr. Solomon Kamson


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Dr. Solomon Kamson is a minimally invasive laser Spine Surgery Seattle! Dr. Solomon Kamson spine surgeons providing Seattle with innovative treatments for spinal stenosis.

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Dr. Solomon Kamson

  1. 1. Solomon Kamson, MD, PhD - Professional Resume - MHA, FIPP, FRCS[3/19/2014 8:54:56 PM] Visit Dr. Solomon Kamson's Website Dr. Solomon Kamson M.D., Ph.D., M.H.A., F.I.P.P., F.R.C.S., “Specializing in Interventional Pain Management & Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery” Professional Summary Dr. Kamson is a well established, educated and experienced medical doctor who specializes in interventional pain management and minimally invasive surgery with a special interest in: • Diagnosis & treatment of cervical, thoracic, & lumbar spine conditions • Clinical research & teaching of Minimally Invasive Spine procedures Dr. Kamson began his medical journey in 1976 at Western Illinois University and in 1983 completed his Surgical/Medical Internship at Mercy Hospital in Ann Arbor, MI., through the University of Michigan. In 1985 he completed his Anesthesiology Residency at the University of Washington. Dr. Kamson has won many scholarships and awards for his clinical research, education and publications. His medical research is based on worldwide medical research and he is a Fellow member and Diplomat of various medical organizations including: • Fellow of the World Institute of Pain (Peer Reviewed Practical Examination, Budapest, Hungary) • Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons • Fellow of the American Academy of Minimally Invasive Spine Medicine and Surgery • Fellow – California Spine Institute Center for Minimally Invasive Surgery • Fellow – ARCADE Privatklinik Niederschmalkalden, Germany (Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery) • Diplomate – American College of Healthcare Executives • Diplomate - American Board of Anesthesiology • Diplomate – With Added Qualification in Pain Specialty, Am. Board of Anesthesiology. • Diplomate - American Academy of Pain Management Active Medical Licensure - State of Washington and California Professional Experience • 2012 Present Clinical Assistant Professor • 2002 Washington State Society of Interventional Pain Physicians : Present Board Member • 2000 Washington Spine Diagnostics and Treatment Center; Kirkland, WA : Present Medical Director • 2000 American Academy of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery and Medicine Present Board Member • 1998 Westlake surgery Center; Seattle, WA • 1999 Medical Director, Pain Management; • 1997 to Providence Medical Center Pain Clinic; Seattle, WA • 1995 to Anesthesia Resources, Inc, Providence Medical Center; Seattle, WA • 1998 Coordinator/Director • 1986 to University of Washington; School of Medicine; Dept. of Anesthesiology Visit Dr. Solomon Kamson's Website
  2. 2. Solomon Kamson, MD, PhD - Professional Resume - MHA, FIPP, FRCS[3/19/2014 8:54:56 PM] Education 11/01 California Spine Institute for Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Post Graduate Fellowship in Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery 9/02 ARCADE Privatklinik Niederschmalkalden Present Fellowship in Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery and Orthopedics 7/99 University of Washington , Department of Health Sciences Seattle, Washington MHA Masters Degree in Health Sciences Administration 9/88 University of Colorado, Health Sciences Center Denver, Colorado Post Graduate Fellowship training in Cardio-thoracic Anesthesiology 6/85 University of Washington, School of Medicine Seattle, Washington Residency Training in Anesthesiology 6/82 Washington University , School of Medicine St. Louis, Missouri MD 6/78 University of Michigan Ann Arbor, Michigan Bachelors of Science Honors Physical Chemistry major 6/76 Western Illinois University Macomb, Illinois Dean's list Scholar Scholastic Tuition Waiver Recipient Additional education & training Proctored training for surgical spinal cord stimulation catheter & device implantation, Seattle 1990 – 1998 Third Budapest Workshop on Interventional Procedures for Chronic Pain & Cadaver course, World Institute of Pain, Budapest, Hungary, 1998 Minimally Invasive Surgery: Technique for Percutaneous Electro thermal Treatment of Discogenic Pain (IDET), sponsored by ORATEC Interventions, 1998 Advanced Interventional Pain Management Technique, Cadaver Surgical Skills Lab, Maricopa Integrated Health System, 1999 Interventional Pain Management: Radiofrequency Lesioning & Discogenic Pain Techniques Course, sponsored by Radionics, 2000 Interventional Pain Management: Interactive Cadaver Surgical Skills Laboratory, sponsored by Krieger Medical Education, 2000 Cadaver Course, Association of Pain Management Anesthesiologists, covering advanced interventional techniques for IDET, epiduroscopy, radiofrequency lesioning, & spinal endoscopy, 2000 Interventional Pain Management Techniques Cadaver Course, Maricopa Integrated Health System CME, 2000 Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery hand-on cadaver course, case review and hands-on proctoring at Squaw Peak Surgical Facility, 2000 Surgical Preceptorship Program in Endoscopic Surgery, Germany, 2000 Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery & Orthopedics Fellowship, including proctoring in advanced techniques for Viist for more Info
  3. 3. Solomon Kamson, MD, PhD - Professional Resume - MHA, FIPP, FRCS[3/19/2014 8:54:56 PM] lateral recess lesions and open spine discectomies with orthopedic and neurosurgeons, Germany, 2002 Percutaneous Discectomy Clinical Training for Perc-D Disc Wands, sponsored by Arthrocare Spine, 2003 Physician Surgical Preceptorship Certification: Spinal Stabilization Device Implantation, sponsored by Disc-O-Tech Medical Technologies, Germany, 2003 Eighth Budapest Workshop on Interventional Procedures for Chronic Pain Conference, including advanced cadaver lab for vertebroplasty, spinal endoscopy & epiduroscopy, radiofrequency lesioning, IDET and coblation disc techniques, World Institute of Pain, Hungary, 2003 Surgical Preceptorship Training in Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery, Germany, 2004 Open Discectomy Clinical Training, hands-on-surgical techniques, proctored by orthopedic & neurosurgeons, product by Nuvasive, Germany, 2004 Inter-Spinal Distraction Management Techniques and Cadaver course, hands-on surgical training program with orthopedic & neurosurgeons, product by Paradigm Spine, Germany, 2005 Clinical Preceptorship Program in Open Spine Surgery, hands-on-proctoring by neurosurgeons & orthopedic surgeons, Germany, 2006 Scholarships, Awards, Publications 1. Medical Text: Manchikanti, L et al, ‘Low Back Pain- Diagnosis and Treatment', First Edition, 2002.       Chapters by Kamson, S       i. Endoscopic Lumbar Discectomy with Laser and Radiofrequency Discoplasty.       ii. Fluoroscopic Anatomy of Lumbar Spine. 2. Medical Text: Savitz, M et al, 'The Practice of Minimally Invasive Spinal Technique', Millennium Edition, 2001.       Chapters by Kamson, S       i. Electrical Neuro-stimulation for Treatment of Intractable Pain       ii. Radiofrequency Techniques for Pain Management 3. Medical Text: Spinal Anatomy for Interventional Procedures, Best, T. M et al.       Chapter by Kamson, S MD       ‘Fluoroscopic Manual for Pain Management' 4. Recent Research/Abstract:       Kamson S, Wright R, Finch P et al, ‘Precise In Vivo Measurement of Peak Intra-Annular Temperatures       Obtained during Intradiscal Electrothermal Therapy (IDET)'.       Presented at International Intradiscal Therapy Society       Annual Meeting, Williamsburg, VA. June 8-10, 2000   5. Recent Lectures and Faculty/Speakers Forum:       a. American College of Physicians & Surgeons, Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Update, March 2003 (Keystone, CO), “Endoscopic       Cervical discectomy for foraminal herniation”.       b. American Pain Society, 21 st Annual Scientific Meeting, March 2002        ( Baltimore , MD ), “From the Bench to the Bedside, Minimally Invasive       Spine Surgery (M.I.S.S)”.       c. American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians, 4 th Annual        Meeting, September 2002 (Washington, DC), “M.I.S.S Fact or Fiction?”       d. Washington State Podiatric Medical Society Scientific Seminar, 2002,       “New techniques in treatment of intractable neuropathic pain” . 6. Full Tuition Scholarship - 1975, 1976, 1977. 7. Sidney Schwab Honors Prize in Psychiatry, Washington Univ. School of Medicine 1982 Affiliations
  4. 4. Solomon Kamson, MD, PhD - Professional Resume - MHA, FIPP, FRCS[3/19/2014 8:54:56 PM] • American Board of Minimally Invasive Spine Medicine and Surgery • American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians • American College of Healthcare Executives • International Neuromodulation Society Teaching appointments • Visiting Professor, Department of Orthopedics & Pain, Central-South University, Changsha, China, 2007 • Teaching Faculty, World Congress, American Academy of Minimally Invasive Spine Medicine & Surgery, 2003 to present • Teaching Faculty, American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians, Other professional appointments Editorial Advisory Board: Pain Physician – Official Journal of Assoc. of Interventional Pain Management Physicians Executive Board Member: American Academy of Minimally Invasive Spine Medicine and Surgery Teaching Faculty Appointments • UW Residency Program in Anesthesiology • Clinical Educations, Services Inc., Wilmington , MA • Oratec, Medical Education/Workshops • World Congress, AAMISMS Teaching Faculty • Radionics, Clinical Teaching Faculty • ASIPP, Clinical Teaching Faculty