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Social Media Presentation At North East Expo #neexpo v2


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Social Media Presentation at North East Expo 16th April 2014 - Outline of Social Media Including some hints tips & tools using local content from businesses in the North East .

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Social Media Presentation At North East Expo #neexpo v2

  1. 1. Philip Search Has Your Business Joined the Conversation ?
  2. 2. People are Talking About …….. •News, Jobs, Business, Sharing Knowledge, Advice, Updates etc •Different Conversations are happening in different places • Blogs - Sharing Personal Opinion/ Giving Advice • Forums - Seeking Specific Answers or Asking Questions or for Help • Twitter - Real Time Conversations - News Business Updates • On All Social Networks – Creating Connections • Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Foursquare, Yelp, Youtube, • Referrals, Referrals, Referrals @search__Social #NEEXPO
  3. 3. 6 Excuses Why You Don’t want to Use Social Media for your business ! 1. It Takes too much Effort & Time 2.It Can Be hard to Digest & Understand 3.Its a Distraction to My Day 4.I don’t want to be Internet Famous 5.Because its Trendy & a Fad 6.Everyone will see my Personal Information @search__Social #NEEXPO
  4. 4. 6 Reasons You Should Use Social Media 1. Your Customers Already Are 2.So are your Future Prospects 3.And your competition 4.Its the worlds largest “word of mouth” 5.Because its Free 6.To Be in Control on you online Space You Need to Join the Conversation @search__Social #NEEXPO
  5. 5. What is Social Media ? • As Business Leaders we attend networking meetings / events. • When we arrive we join conversations • Listening First Then Adding Valued Comment • Sharing our Knowledge & Experience • We make Connections • Business Gets Done @search__Social #NEEXPO
  6. 6. What is Social Media ? • If you had the opportunity to Network • With the World, • Your Local Region • Local Community • Enjoy Conversations in Real Time • Make Meaningful Connections • Create Brand Loyalty • Engage Your Customers • Would you not want to join ? Social Media =Your Voice Online @search__Social #NEEXPO
  7. 7. So How do I Join ? @search__Social #NEEXPO
  8. 8. Remember Its a Conversation @search__Social #NEEXPO
  9. 9. You are an Individual Share Your Voice & Your Business is Individual @search__Social #NEEXPO
  10. 10. Dont Burst in Screaming & Shouting 10@search__Social #NEEXPO
  11. 11. v 11@search__Social #NEEXPO
  12. 12. Bring Something @search__Social #NEEXPO
  13. 13. Use Photo’s 13@search__Social
  14. 14. Don’t Focus On Popular 14 #NEEXPO But Engage with Relevant Trending Topics @search__Social #NEEXPO
  15. 15. Make Meaningful Connections 15 Who connect with your Jigsaw @search__Social #NEEXPO
  16. 16. 16 e F u n n n n n n@search__Social #NEEXPO
  17. 17. There is nowhere to hide 17 In a Virtual world where …. @search__Social #NEEXPO
  18. 18. What is More Believable ? This 18@search__Social #NEEXPO
  19. 19. Or This ? 19
  20. 20. Online Reviews ? 20 Review Sites • Tripadvisor • Google+ Local / Places • Yelp • Yahoo Local • Facebook • LinkedIn • YOUR Website @search__Social #NEEXPO
  21. 21. 20 Google Ranking By Reviews
  22. 22. 19 Its all About Engagement @search__Social #NEEXPO
  23. 23. Which Network for Me ? 23
  24. 24. Twitter 24 Tweets are Text based posts that are up to 140 Characters or less & delivered to other users who follow you
  25. 25. 24 Twitter
  26. 26. Twitter Stats 24
  27. 27. Twitter TIPS 24@search__Social #NEEXPO
  28. 28. Why should I care about Twitter • Engagement with you & your brand • Education & Sharing of your brand • Brand recognition from other channels • Real Time Access for your Customers to You & You to Them • Be the “goto” person for your sector , location 25@search__Social #NEEXPO
  29. 29. The Dreaded ##•Use the hashtag symbol # before a relevant keyword or phrase •Helps in Twitter Search.  •Clicking on a # in any message shows you all other Tweets marked with that keyword. •Great for Events or Projects Product Launches •#NEEXPO #BizTalk #NorthEastHour #SocialMedia •# words that become very popular are often Trending Topics 26@search__Social #NEEXPO
  30. 30. ## 26
  31. 31. Facebook • Be a Page , not a person (or Group) • Creates Opportunities for engagement • Fans Sharing Photos • Fans Sharing Videos • Create Events that Google Indexes • Create Contests • Sell / Give away Vouchers • Creates Opportunities for Exposure of Your Brand • Photos From Events • Tasty Food • Unique Content - Great Places to Visit 28 NB ­ Facebook is Social = is Your Business Social @search__Social #NEEXPO
  32. 32. The One to Watch • +1 is a “like” • Posts are Indexed in Google • Its Business Friendly • Linked to Google Maps / Street View • Linked to Google Places • Recommendations Help Rankings • Customers & Staff can Upload Images to Events • Linked to Youtube • Likes Longer Posts • ITS GOOGLE 29
  33. 33. 31@search__Social #NEEXPO
  34. 34. 31 Next Steps
  35. 35. 31@search__Social #NEEXPO
  36. 36. 31 Why Every Employee Should Use Having your entire workforce use LinkedIn could become your company’s rocket fuel. You are missing out on major opportunities to build business, increase loyalty and fortify employee engagement. Here’s how your company can benefit from a focused program that encourages employees to use LinkedIn … every day. 1.Increased Visibility for Your Brand. •“Employees are 70% more likely to engage with your company updates.” •When your employees “like” and “share” status updates, they make them visible to their contacts •The more views your company page has, the more potential followers. •9 out of the top 10 brands with the most followers on LinkedIn have at least 60% of their employees on LinkedIn. •Your company also benefits when your employees point to your web site in one of the links in their contact info. Their impressive profile becomes another vector to your place on the web and, even better, they create inbound links to your homepage – giving it more Google value. •Multiply this times your number of employees and you can quickly see We have Lift off .
  37. 37. 31 Why Every Employee Should Use 2. Consistent Brand Ambassadors. • When someone looks at a profile of one of your employees, it not only speaks to their personal brand, but to your company brand as well. • If you help your staff build stellar, compelling profiles and show them how to engage and stay connected to their brand community, you’re sending a message about your company brand to everyone who visits their pages or interacts with them. • This is valuable to clients, potential customers, business partners and existing and future employees. It supports competitive advantage. • Through the collective profiles of your employees, people can see the talent and specific skills of your people. • If you’re in the professional services business, this is even more important. Think of each employee’s LinkedIn page as a product page – because your talent truly is the offering. By showcasing your best assets, you’re saying something about your firm and the quality of your people. • Worried about poachers? You shouldn’t be, as long as you’re providing a rewarding workplace experience for these fabulous people. • A key advantage of social media is that it has made business more human. The more your employees use social media to engage with your brand community, the more connected they become to the company’s identity. • Externally, the more human your brand becomes, the easier it is to build emotional connections and trust with clients and shareholders. • Customer centricity comes from your people, not your products. • If you’re serious about building a trusted organisation that has strong emotional bonds with customers (and employees!) it’s time to engage all your people in the process – not just your sales people.
  38. 38. 31 Why Every Employee Should Use If you don’t have your employees on LinkedIn and you aren’t encouraging them to share your content – articles, promotions, videos, press releases – you’re limiting the reach of your communications. Don’t miss out on these effective opportunities to be visible to your target audience. 3. Improved Morale. • If you’re preventing your employees from accessing LinkedIn or are discouraging them from having profiles, you’re sending the message that you don’t trust them. • And trust is essential for building strong relationships. If your relationship with employees is defined by accusations, you’ll only make them want to leave. • Encouraging your employees to link to each other keeps them connected as well, and your company becomes the basis for the shared bond. • LinkedIn also serves as a great informational tool, helping different departments stay on top of what others are doing based on what they share. • The new endorsements feature, along with recommendations, can also be helpful. Beyond giving kudos to a colleague during a meeting, endorsing them online for a specific skill makes this acknowledgement visible to a much larger community. • Public praise and recognition are powerful rewards for great work. That level of gratitude not only reinforces the bonds among your people but is also a confidence builder.
  39. 39. 31 Why Every Employee Should Use Here are some best practices for unlocking the power of LinkedIn: • Start at the top. Your leaders need to set the scene and the standard by creating top-of-the-line profiles. • Get them when they arrive. New hires will be impressed when you integrate a module on LinkedIn profiles into your on induction programs. • Teach them well. Create talent development programs specifically focused on personal branding and LinkedIn. This will give your people the skills they need to build an exceptional profile and use LinkedIn to do their jobs better. • Make it fun. Use incentives and competitions to encourage individuals and teams. Fear impedes success; and fear is what’s usually behind a company’s resistance to LinkedIn. If your focus is on attrition, you’ll be ruled by fear, and ironically your worst fears will come true: you will likely lose your best talent. Instead, if you focus on loyalty and engagement, you can maximise LinkedIn to expand your company’s reach exponentially, while building stronger relationships with your people.
  40. 40. The New Kid on the Block 32 Top Tips From Instagram • Be True to Your Brand • Share Experiences • Find Beauty Everywhere • Inspire Action ie #runfree • Know your Audience • Link to Twitter & Facebook
  41. 41. Post Regularly & Add Value Each Time 32
  42. 42. Share The Excitement 34
  43. 43. Engage Your Customers 35 Shared 293 times 239 likes 91 Comments
  44. 44. The Power of Social Media for Recruitment @search__Social #NEEXPO
  45. 45. The Power of Social Media for Customer Service @search__Social #NEEXPO
  46. 46. Tools to Help 27
  47. 47. What Next …. ? In our developing social world • Booking Rooms Using # tweet @Loews_Hotels with the hash tag #BookLoews to show you’re interested in booking a room. A Loews travel planner will then pick up the conversation, and once you’re ready to book a room, the planner will tweet a link to a secure chat conversation to process payment information. • Social Concierge : Get a response from Concierge using # or @…..concierge 36 •Customer Developed Travel Advice the site features a section called “DTour Guides,” where DoubleTree team members across the globe share their own travel advice and must-see hotspots from a local perspective. •Twitter Hotels this hotel offers a #SocialWave community where you can “meet, interact, have fun, compete, experience, flirt, tweet, and much, much more.” Book one of the #TwitterPartySuites and you’ll have exclusive access to a Twitter concierge and even the ability to order Twitter-inspired cocktails.
  48. 48. & Finally 37 Instagram Exhibitions of your Customers Images Displayed on an Interactive wall guests participating in a wine-tasting “social hour” at one of the 430 hotels where it’s offered can tweet, instagram and share their #socialhour experience with other guests around the world.
  49. 49. 6 Takeaways 1. Social Media Influences, your friends & more 2. You Need to be Active on Social Media as your customers are ! 3. Be In Control of your Online Space 4. Listen … before you talk 5. Tools & Apps can help develop your VOICE 6. Always remember its a conversation word of mouth so Smile, Enjoy & Share ……..and your customers will share your Voice with you !
  50. 50. Thank You Philip Search @Search__Social #NEEXPO