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The world-best-island-2013-boracay-philippines


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Best on the entire planet, not only for its beaches but also for the culture, heritage, lifestyle and tourism in total Boracay is the best island in the whole world.

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The world-best-island-2013-boracay-philippines

  1. 1. The world’s Best Island 2013- Boracay, Philippines. world’ 2013-Short Summary: hort ummary ummary:Best on the entire planet, not only for its beaches but also for the culture, heritage, lifestyle andtourism in total Boracay is the best island in the whole world. Limitless sightseeing attractions to see,calm beaches to relax, great nightlife to enjoy and a unique tasting food to have.BoracaY IslanD: oracaY slanD slanD:A cute little island in the country Philippines has been awarded as the world’s best island 2013.Boracay has clean beaches loaded with lots of water fun. The powdery white sand beaches remain tobe the perfect place for resting and ideal for getting healthy sun tans where you can also find besthotels in Philippines. Boracay owns approximately a dozen of beaches where each one has its ownfeatures and significance. All the beaches provide nice Boracay hotels in their area so it’s easy for youto choose from. The White Beach is full of tourists and is extremely perfect for photography.Participate in scuba diving and enjoy watching marine creatures in their own habitat. The color reefsare also very attractive to see. Snorkeling and glass bottom boat rides are famous here.
  2. 2. Enjoy watching the colorful fishes from the glass bottom boat and ask your cameras to click nonstop.Some beach pastime includes kite boarding, beach hopping, sailing, fishing, beach volleyball,windsurfing and skim boarding. Of course you will get energized by the land activities in Boracay. Takepart in horse rides, golf courses, food tours, mountain biking, cliff jumping hiking and trekking. jumping,BoracaY CliF JumpinG: oracaY liF umpinG umpinG:
  3. 3. BoracaY AdventurE: oracaY dventurE dventurE:See thousands of bats and venomous snakes in the Bat Caves. The place is a natural attraction abovethe sea level which provides extreme adventure. Take a day trip to the tribal village to experience thereal thrill of white water rafting, jungle kayaking and mountain climbing. Traditional food is also servedhere. Get to know the culture of Boracay and accommodate in traditional style hotels in Boracay. Theisland is also popular for spa and massage therapies. Most of the hotels in Philippines provideprofessional body massage. Book a spa package to boost up your energy.BoracaY MuseuM: oracaY useuM useuM:Stop over the Kar-Tir Shell Museum to see various collections of sea shells. The museum holds a largegathering of the shells from the ocean which is of various sizes and shades. You can also findtraditional clothing, pottery and native handcrafts of the nation. Learn about the early lifestyle,tradition, culture and heritage by taking a day tour to the Tirol Heritage Museum The gallery of the explains about the Chinese influence, trade affairs and the antique part of the country. If youlove dolls then make a sure visit to the Precious Moments Museum in the Sampaguita Gardens. Prettycute dolls will surely impress your young ones. You can also buy one for them. Within the complex youcan also visit the Christmas Museum which holds colorful decorations related to the Christmas.
  4. 4. BoracaY ButterflY: oracaY utterflY utterflY:Smell the essence of nature and see butterflies flying like angels in the Butterfly Gardens. The colorfulspecies of butterflies fly around you and gives you a fun filled experience. You can also see batshanging upside down and resting. Don’t miss the lifetime opportunity to stay in the Philippines hotelsclose to the site.
  5. 5. BoracaY FashioN AccessorieS: oracaY ashioN ccessorieS ccessorieS:Though a mini island, Boracay offers a quality shopping experience. You can buy ocean’s productsespecially shells. Clothing, accessories, fashion jewelries made of shells and stones, eatables,traditional paintings and handcrafts are commonly purchased here. You can buy tropical fruits and avariety of fishes in the Talipapa Market. ontacT nformatioNContacT InformatioN nformatioN:Email - Booking - @ bookings@hotelsreservation.comPhone - Booking - @ (+65) 9088 6122Website - Booking - @ Feel Free to use our Customer Services for any queries at Before and After Booking.