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Crimes against nature must not stay unpunished !


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Bhopal , Abidjan , Chernobyl, Fukushima, the tragedy of asbestos and oil pollution ( Niger , France , Ecuador, USA , Spain, etc. . ) has been repeated many times and still remains unpunished ...
Hardly ever has the law incorporated crimes against the environment. Therefore, the culprits are not affected let alone punished ...

The same goes for less visible disasters, pollution of whole zones in the oil extraction areas , gas or minerals; or multiple pollution of rivers, oceans , air ... and our food.

Today we have a unique opportunity to advance international environmental law and to acknowledge ecological disasters as crimes against humanity.

On 23rd September , the Heads of State gather at the United Nations General Assembly . The Tribunal awareness of crime Nature member environmental organizations signed the Charter of Brussels 2014 * call for the creation of an International Criminal Court for the Environment and Health is setting the agenda.

For this breakthrough to become a reality, we need the support of citizens .
Sign this petition now addressed to the Secretary General of the United Nations , Mr Ban Ki Moon , and stream massively around you.

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Crimes against nature must not stay unpunished !

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